Medical Students from all over the world meets in Macedonia

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For immediate release: August 3rd 2015
Press contact: Claudel P-Desrosiers, [email protected]

Ohrid, Macedonia – The International Federation of Medical Students Associations welcomes over 750 medical students leaders from all over the world for its 64th August Meeting General Assembly, taking place August 3rd to August 9th 2015 in Ohrid, Macedonia. The IFMSAs General Assembly hopes to inspire the next generation of future physicians to become leaders and advocates through exchange of ideas, networking and learning from the various programming sessions.

The General Assembly will feature namely: meetings of each Standing Committee; governance and decision-making sessions; training opportunities for self-skills development; regional sessions; activities and projects presentations. The meeting is structured to maximise the development of young leaders; to spark inspiring collaboration between medical students organizations around the world; and to set a global and strategic agenda to keep on representing a engaging network of young people.

The event is axed on the theme of migration of health workers, a highly important topic which tackle a growing challenge faced by healthcare communities around the world, on the national, regional and global levels. There is a strong need of ensuring that healthcare professionals recruitment follows ethical guidelines, that it is ensured that the healthcare workforce planning and forecasting systems allow states to provide health services for the whole population, or that the pressure of having more and more professionals does not put at risk the quality of their education and training.

The United Nations Youth Envoy, Ahmed?Alhendawi, have also contributed?to the Opening Ceremony of the General Assembly by addressing delegates by video. He has stressed the importance of the voice of the youth, and the leadership roles that the Federation is playing?within the United Nations, especially in the defining process of the sustainable development goals.

The start of the event also marks the launch of a new online platform for the Federation, available online at Decisions and outcomes of the meeting will be made available on the website shortly after the closure of the August Meeting General Assembly.

About the hosting association
Macedonia Medical Students Association (MMSA-Macedonia) contributes to students professional knowledge and supports the sensitivity about the public-medical questions that affect their members. MMSA envisions medical students educated with the highest european standards for medical education, and future doctors responsible in front of their ethical principles, firmly configured moral toward their profession and their colleagues.

The International Federation of Medical Students Associations (IFMSA) envisions a world in which all medical students unite for global health and are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values to take on health leadership roles locally and globally. Founded in 1951, IFMSA today represents a network of 1.3 million medical students through its 125 national member organizations. For more:


Claudel P-Desrosiers
IFMSA Vice-President for External Affairs
Email: [email protected]

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