The IFMSA General Assemblies

Hope to inspire the next generation of future physicians to become leaders and advocates through the exchange of ideas, networking and learning from the various programming sessions. They feature namely: meetings of each Standing Committee; governance and decision-making sessions; training opportunities for self-skills development; inspiring activities and projects presentations.

The executive board is elected at the March Meeting, while the rest of the Team of Officials and the members of the Supervising Council are elected at August Meeting.
Host countries are elected one year prior to the meeting by the National Member Organizations (NMOs) of the Federation, giving the organization committee plenty of time to put together the optimal settings for medical students to learn, discuss, meet and exchange.


72nd General Assembly
March Meeting 2023

Digital transformation of health systems:
towards health for all!


March 1 - 7, 2023

Tallin, Estonia

EstMSA Estonia

Past General Assemblies

City (Country)MeetingMonthYear
Copenhagen (Denmark)1st General AssemblyAugust1951
London (UK)2nd General AssemblyAugust1952
Zurich (Switzerland)3rd General AssemblyAugust1953
Rome (Italy)4th General AssemblyAugust1954
Amsterdam (The Netherlands)5th General AssemblyAugust1955
Belgrade (Yugoslavia)6th General AssemblyAugust1956
Copenhagen (Denmark)7th General AssemblyAugust1957
Berlin (German DR)8th General AssemblyAugust1958
Istanbul (Turkey)9th General AssemblyAugust1959
Milan (Italy)10th General AssemblyAugust1960
Jerusalem11th General AssemblyAugust1961
Madrid (Spain)12th General AssemblyAugust1962
Oslo (Norway)13th General AssemblyAugust1963
Gdansk (Poland)14th General AssemblyAugust1964
Edinburgh (UK)15th General AssemblyAugust1965
Athen (Greece)16th General AssemblyAugust1966
Vienna (Austria)17th General AssemblyAugust1967
Helsinki (Finland)18th General AssemblyAugust1968
Jerusalem19th General AssemblyAugust1969
Berlin West (German Federal Republic)20th General AssemblyAugust1970
Paris (France)21st General AssemblyAugust1971
Bologna (Italy)22nd General AssemblyAugust1972
Singapore (Singapore)23rd General AssemblyAugust1973
Haifa (Israel)24th General AssemblyAugust1974
Philadelphia, PA (USA)25th General AssemblyAugust1975
Hong Kong26th General AssemblyAugust1976
Sonderborg (Denmark)27th General AssemblyAugust1977
Martei Brenner (Austria)28th General AssemblyAugust1978
Cairo (Egypt)29th General AssemblyAugust1980
Katoomba (Australia)30th General AssemblyAugust1981
Rohrchach (Switzerland)31st General AssemblyAugust1982
Aquila (Italy)32nd General AssemblyAugust1983
Solbacka (Sweden)33rd General AssemblyAugust1984
Valkenburg (The Netherlands)34th General AssemblyAugust1985
St. Plten (Austria)35th General AssemblyAugust1986
Belgrade (Yugoslavia)36th General AssemblyAugust1987
Lagos (Nigeria)37th General AssemblyAugust1988
Lisbon (Portugal)38th General AssemblyAugust1989
Hradec Kralove (Czechoslovakia)39th General AssemblyAugust1990
Aland (Finland)40th General AssemblyAugust1991
Londrina (Brazil)41st General AssemblyAugust1992
Sonderborg (Denmark)42nd General AssemblyAugust1993
Skopje (Macedonia)43rd General AssemblyAugust1994
Barcelona (Spain)44th General AssemblyAugust1995
Prague (Czech Republic)45th General AssemblyAugust1996
Cape Town (South Africa)46th General AssemblyAugust1997
Hurghada (Egypt)47th General AssemblyAugust1998
Monterrey (Mexico)48th General AssemblyAugust1999
Kuopio (Finland)49th General AssemblyMarch2000
Porto (Portugal)49th General AssemblyAugust2000
St. Paul's Bay (Malta)50th General AssemblyMarch2001
Aalborg (Denmark)50th General AssemblyAugust2001
Kopaonik (Serbia and Montenegro)51st General AssemblyMarch2002
Taipei (Taiwan, China)51st General AssemblyAugust2002
Parnu (Estonia)52nd General AssemblyMarch2003
Edmond aan Zee (The Netherlands)52nd General AssemblyAugust2003
Isla de Margarita (Venezuela)53rd General AssemblyMarch2004
Ohrid (Macedonia)53rd General AssemblyAugust2004
Antalya (Turkey)54th General AssemblyMarch2005
Hurghada (Egypt)54th General AssemblyAugust2005
Pucon (Chile)55th General AssemblyMarch2006
Zlatibor (Serbia)55th General AssemblyAugust2006
Mandurah (Australia)56th General AssemblyMarch2007
Canterbury (UK)56th General AssemblyAugust2007
Monterrey (Mexico)57th General AssemblyMarch2008
Ocho Rios (Jamaica)57th General AssemblyAugust2008
Hammamet (Tunisia)58th General AssemblyMarch2009
Ohrid (Macedonia)58th General AssemblyAugust2009
Bangkok (Thailand)59th General AssemblyMarch2010
Montreal (Canada-Quebec)59th General AssemblyAugust2010
Jakarta (Indonesia)60th General AssemblyMarch2011
Copenhagen (Denmark)60th General AssemblyAugust2011
Accra (Ghana)61st General AssemblyMarch2012
Mumbai (India)61st General AssemblyAugust2012
Baltimore, MD (USA)62nd General AssemblyMarch2013
Santiago (Chile)62nd General AssemblyAugust2013
Hammamet (Tunisia)63rd General AssemblyMarch2014
Taipei (Taiwan, China)63rd General AssemblyAugust2014
Antalya (Turkey)64th General AssemblyMarch2015
Ohrid (Macedonia)64th General AssemblyAugust2015
St. Paul's Bay (Malta)65th General AssemblyMarch2016
Puebla (Mexico)65th General AssemblyAugust2016
Budva (Montenegro)66th General AssemblyMarch2017
Arusha (Tanzania)66th General AssemblyAugust2017
Hurghada (Egypt)67th General AssemblyMarch2018
Quebec (Canada)67th General AssemblyAugust2018
Portorož (Slovenia)68th General AssemblyMarch2019
Taipei (Taiwan)68th General AssemblyAugust2019
Kigali (Rwanda)69th General AssemblyMarch2020