IFMSA General Assemblies are among the biggest youth-led events around the world. Held twice a year – once in March, once in August, they are attended by over 800 medical students from more than 100 countries. The country hosts are elected one year prior to the meeting by the National Member Organizations (NMOs) of the Federation, giving the organization committee plenty of time to put together the optimal settings for medical students to learn, discuss, meet and exchange.

The IFMSAs General Assemblies hope to inspire the next generation of future physicians to become leaders and advocates through exchange of ideas, networking and learning from the various programming sessions. They feature namely: meetings of each Standing Committee; governance and decision-making sessions; training opportunities for self-skills development; inspiring activities and projects presentations. The executive board is elected at the March Meeting, while the rest of the Team of Officials and the members of the Supervising Council, are elected at August Meeting.

Upcoming General Assemblies

65th August Meeting
Dates: August 1rd to August 7th 2016
Location: Puebla, Mexico
Theme: Global Vaccine Action Plan
Invitation Package:
Registration: To be announced
Hosting NMO: IFMSA-Mexico

66th March Meeting
Dates: To be announced
Location: To be announced
Theme: To be announced.
Invitation Package: To be announced
Website: To be announced
Registration: Will open next November 16th 2016
Hosting NMO: MoMSIC-Montenegro

Past General Assemblies

65th March Meeting
Dates: March 2nd – March 8th 2015
Location: St-Pauls Bay, Malta
Theme: The Past, The Present, The Future: Millennium Development Goals, The Grass Roots Approach and the Sustainable Development Goals
Invitation Package:
Hosting NMO: MMSA-Malta
The Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA) (l-Gaqda tal-Istudenti tal-Mediina ta Malta) represents all medical students studying at the University of Malta (UoM). The Malta Medical Students Association (MMSA) aims to enhance the medical student life. It provides academic support to its members, fun leisurely activities both locally and internationally and gives students the opportunity to form part of the various standing committees. The MMSA also boasts a well sought out for training and peer-education programme. Lastly, the MMSA aims to empower its society to become more actively involved in holistic health decision making. The MMSA is renowned for being the most active student organisation at the local University for more than a decade. The MMSA is actively supported by the Maltese Government and collaborates with the local Health Promotion Department on various issues.

64th August Meeting
Dates: August 3rd to August 9th 2015
Location: Ohrid, Macedonia
Theme: Migration of Health Workers
Invitation Package:
Hosting NMO: MMSA-Macedonia
MMSA-Macedonia is a students organization fighting actively to improve the quality of medical education in Macedonia, by representing the medical students, organizing education and research out of CV activities, realizing professional and research exchanges with the countries members of the IFMSA. MMSA contributes to students professional knowledge and supports the sensitivity about the public-medical questions that affect their members. MMSA envisions medical students educated with the highest european standards for medical education, and future doctors responsible in front of their ethical principles, firmly configured moral toward their profession and their colleagues.

64th March Meeting
Dates: March 2nd – March 8th 2014
Location: Antalya, Turkey
Theme: Humanitarian Action – Time to act is now!
Invitation Package:
Hosting NMO: TurkMSIC-Turkey
Turkish Medical Students International Committee (TurkMSIC), founded in 1952, is an independent, apolitical, non-profit and well-established organization between the Turkish medical students. There are more than 60 member medical faculties across the country and this number increases each year. Member faculties have a network of more than 35.000 students and internationally, TurkMSIC, since the date it was established, represents Turkey in IFMSA. The vision of the association is to reach out to all of the medical faculties in Turkey, have activities in social and scientific matters, improve future physicians perspectives and skills, and be the only association to represent all medical students in national and international platforms.

63rd August Meeting
Dates: August 5th – August 11th 2014
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Theme: Sustainable Development for the new Era
Invitation Package:
Website: Not available
Hosting NMO: FMS-Taiwan
The Federation of Medical Students in Taiwan (FMS-Taiwan), reaching its 27th year, is one of the most active students associations in Taiwan. It joined IFMSA as full members in August 1995. FMS-Taiwan members include medical students, traditional Chinese medical students, and post baccalaureate medical students from all over the country. Believing in think globally, act locally, FMS-Taiwan focused on specific issues and organize activities, gathering efforts of medical students to improve the society and raise the public awareness to health and human right issues. With more than 20 projects on national level executed every year, FMS-Taiwan continues its commitment to inspire more and more medical students to take initiative action in making a better future.

63rd March Meeting
Dates: March 3rd – March 9th 2015
Location: Hammamet, Tunisia
Theme: Health Beyond 2015 – Get involved
Invitation Package: e=0
Hosting NMO: Associa-Med-Tunisia
Associa-Med Tunisia, a non governmental and non profit organization, was founded in 1989 in Tunis, with the objective of creating a associative life within the faculty. It became a full member of IFMSA in 1999, and is today representing four medical faculties around the country: Tunis, Sousse, Monastir and Sfax. It maintains a membership of over 3000 active medical students, who are working in different fields to diversity the students life: public health, medical education, human rights, exchanges, reproductive health, sports, culture, and much more. Associa-Med has previously hosted March Meeting 2009 and the Eastern Mediterranean Regional Meeting in 2013.


List of Past General Assemblies