Partnering with IFMSA

IFMSA is proud of its cooperation with a wide range of stakeholders such as UN bodies, NGOs and youth organizations. By supporting IFMSA our institutional partners contribute to developing our activities and projects, exchanging knowledge and experience, and supporting medical students in acquiring leadership skills.

During more than 60 years of IFMSA existence, we have managed to gain experience in promoting our partners, their brands and the great support which they provide to medical students around the globe. Every year thousands of students participate in our meetings and programmes. We are always pleased to welcome our partners at these events, in order to familiarise the participants with our partners and the opportunities they provide for medical students.

For potential partners:

There are several possibilities of cooperating with IFMSA. This can be done through official partnerships, mutual presence at meetings, providing traineeships and internships, and much more! Reaching as much as five regions, 125 countries and over one million members, IFMSA offers partners a prime chance to reach internationally minded medical students. IFMSA also collaborates with its international partners on several global health advocacy initiatives related to conferences and processes of mutual interest.

If you are interested in being IFMSA’s institutional partner, please contact our Vice-President for External Affairs at [email protected]. If you are interested in being a sponsor of IFMSA, contact our Vice-President for Public Relations and Communication at [email protected] and view our Sponsorship Prospectus.

Most important partners

The United Nations (UN): IFMSA has Special Consultative Status with the United Nations through the Economic and Social Council. IFMSA works closely with several of the UN institutions, such as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), UNRWA and UNAIDS.

The World Health Organization (WHO): IFMSA has been a non-state actor in Official Relations with the World Health Organization since 1969 and both have collaborated on several projects, including campaigns, internships and educational materials, such as training manuals.

The World Medical Association (WMA): The collaboration with the World Medical Association (WMA) has been one of the most successful and rewarding and includes internships of IFMSA students in WMA and joint advocacy work. The agreement was recently formalized in May 2015 between the two organizations.

Institutionalized Partners

The IFMSA is in official partnerships fostered by a Memorandum of Understanding or Terms of Reference with the following organizations:

United Nations Partners:

WHO related initiatives:

Global and International organizations:

Medical Education

Public Health

    • International Youth Health Organization (YHO)

Medical Associations

Student and Youth Organizations

    • World Healthcare Students’ Symposium (WHSS JWG)

Human Rights and Peace

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS

Regional partners:


IFMSA also works in collaboration with many other organisations, through conjoint advocacy strategies, to development of opportunities for medical students and creation of youth-oriented projects.

United Nations Partners:

WHO related initiatives:

    • WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research
    • WHO Department of Public Health, Environment and Social Determinants of Health
    • WHO Global Coordination Mechanism on Non Communicable Diseases
    • WHO Global Health Workforce Network – Youth Hub
    • WHO Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products

Global and International organizations:

Medical Education:

Public Health:

    • Young Professionals – Chronic Disease Network (YP-CDN)
    • YOUNGO

Human Rights and Peace:

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS:

Regional organizations:



Find the organisations that support IFMSA in achieving our mission.