The main pillars of IFMSA international structure can be divided as follow:

  • Five regions to support the growth, development and active recruit of national member organisations
  • Six standing committees axed on the most relevant health related topics for medical students
  • Programs to streamline activities, campaigns, projects of medical students on the local and national level
  • External representation activities to voice out the concerns and priorities of the future health professionals
  • Various capacity building oriented activities and projects to give students tools and skills to grow as health leaders

The Federation official meet twice a year for a full week during the General Assemblies (March and August Meetings), where national member organizations decide on the annual priorities, elect the international officials, vote on members and organizational issues, and more!

The International Teams, composed of the Team of Officials, their Assistants and the Programs Coordinators, are offering guidance and leadership for the continuous growth and development of IFMSA.