About Our Constitution and Bylaws

The IFMSA Constitution is the primary document within IFMSA. It defines IFMSA as a legal entity and regulated its structure and control, as well as its activities within the outside world. The IFMSA Bylaws regulate internal processes that are not regulated by the Constitution. The IFMSA Bylaws provide extensive details on the functioning of the Federation along with regulations on meetings, memberships, decision-making procedures, work of the Team of Officials, reporting schemes, financial management, and much more.

IFMSA Constitution can only be updated at the August Meeting General Assemblies, while the bylaws can be amended at both August and March Meetings General Assemblies.

The National Member Organizations and the Team of Officials can submit bylaws changes proposals one month prior and constitution changes proposals three months prior to the meeting. The proposals are then discussed during the Presidents’ Sessions of the General Assemblies and voted upon during the plenary sessions.

During the General Assemblies, the Constitution Credential Committee is mandated to ensure that the constitution and bylaws are respected. In between, this task is under the responsibility of IFMSA Vice-President for Activities.

The IFMSA Constitution and Bylaws were adopted in its current form on the 4th of March 2000 in Kuopio, Finland. It was recently amended by the IFMSA General Assembly during the March Meeting 2023.

March Meeting 2023 Constitution and Bylaws