The Regional Meetings take place every year in each IFMSA Region and are hosted by at least one NMO from the respective region. Usually, the African RM takes place in December; American in January; EMR in February; Europe in April and Asia-Pacific in June/July. The candidatures are voted by the NMOs of the Region, and the respective Regional Director is in charge of providing full support to the OC, and to develop the content of the sessions, together with the Regional Teams.

The registration systems are announced by the Organizing Committees on the IFMSA Servers; the number of participants, as well as other details such as dates, venues etc are informed by the Organizing Committee as well. Just like the General Assemblies, the Regional Meetings are usually preceded by a pre-Regional Meeting, which are 3 days of workshops that go along with the specific needs and priorities of the regions.

Regional Meetings 2015-2016

Dates: December 18th – December 22rd 2015
Location: Kigali, Rwanda
Theme: Maternal and Child Health in the Post-2015
Invitation Package: To be announced
Hosting NMO: MEDSAR-Rwanda

Dates: 18th – 22nd January 2016
Location: Montevideo, Uruguay.
Theme: To be announced
Invitation Package:
Website: To be announced
Hosting NMO: IFMSA – Uruguay

Dates: June 3rd – 7th, 2016
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Theme: Economic Medicine
Invitation Package:
Hosting NMO: IFMSA – Thailand

Eastern Mediterranean
Dates: January 27th – January 31st 2016
Location: Amman, Jordan
Theme: Tobacco Control and Management
Invitation Package:
Hosting NMO: IFMSA – Jordan

Dates: April 20th – 24th 2016
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Theme: Preventive Healthcare
Invitation Package:
Hosting NMO: HelMSIC-Greece

For any questions related to the regional meetings, please contact the relevant regional directors: