About Regions

It also facilitates the process of recruiting new members and it actively supports transnational participation through subregional trainings and regional meetings – the biggest regional event of the year. More recently, IFMSA has increased its efforts in external representation, by teaming up with regional offices of the WHO and other regional organizations.

Each region is lead by a Regional Director, who is elected by the members of the respective region and who works with regional assistants of the different standing committees and a capacity building assistant.

The regional directors also support the development of member organisations on their national level. This structure helps to maximise the representativeness of the members and diversity of cultures within IFMSA international working platform.

Regional Director: Joël Béni-Victoire Anani[email protected]
Development Assistant: Adjo Kérène Ingried BLU[email protected]
Development Assistant: Phillip Tinovimbanashe Chigiya[email protected]
Development Assistant: Aemon Berhane Fissha[email protected]
General Assistant: Nicolas Kioko Munywoki[email protected]
Finances Assistant: JOEL DAMIEN BAKOUAN[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Yodit Yacob Arsano[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Tinayeishe Natasha Elijah[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Duaa Khaled Mohamed Mokhtar[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Heaven Yeshaneh Tatere[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Sarah Lamptey[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Enu Beula Otsyina[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Lamis Saleh Abdelqader Saleh Berdeweel[email protected]
Regional Director: Javier Shafik Asfura[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Yousra-Imane Benaskeur[email protected]
Internal Development Assistant: José Pablo Santamaría Blanco[email protected]
General Assistant: Gonzalo Rodrigo Díaz Villa[email protected]
Finance Assistant: Jimmy Chau[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Álvaro Josué Mazariegos[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Martha Norris[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Nikolai Javier Nunes[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Juliana Meslin da Silva[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Kelvin Emmanuel Gutiérrez Herrera[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: María Belén Muñoz Godoy[email protected]
CB Regional Assistant: Silvia Alexandra Larrea Wong[email protected]
Regional Director: Mathew Siu Chun Chow[email protected]
General Assistant: Kenneth Tsz Chun Lam[email protected]
Development Assistant: Michelle Angelica De Jesus Choa[email protected]
Development Assistant: Putri Azzahra Nur Azrina[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Poorvaprabha Patil[email protected]
Finance Assistant: Shashank Timilsina[email protected]
Capacity Building Assistant: Aarya Tejas Shah[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Prinrasar Mongkolkul[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Tomoki Kishaba[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Hiba Thasleem[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: James Haley Young[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Kevin Alvaro Handoko[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Myesha Maliha Binte Mamun[email protected]
Regional Director: Abdallah Tom[email protected]
General Assistant : Arwa Hany Sharaby[email protected]
General Assistant : Omar Bassem Ramadan Sanduka[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Ali Amirkafi[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Amr Hassan Morsy[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant:​ Mariem Galaaoui[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Georgio Toumieh[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Fereshteh Bagheri[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Basil Atef Abdelmonaem Mohamed Hasib[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Lea Habib[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: AMR REYAD MOHAMED ABDELWAHAB HAMOUDA[email protected]
Regional Director: Mariona Borrell Arrasa[email protected]
General Assistant: Sie Meng Lee[email protected]
Development Assistant for Member Engagement : Development Assistant for Member Engagement[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Milica Buhovac[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant : Maria Inês Francisco Viva[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Florian Guy Jean Bannier[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Nuria Pérez Gascón[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Laura Plešnar[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Mădălina Elena Mandache[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant for Europe: Florentina Cristina Scarlat[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant for Europe: Cecilie Helling[email protected]