About Regions

It also facilitates the process of recruiting new members and it actively supports transnational participation through subregional trainings and regional meetings – the biggest regional event of the year. More recently, IFMSA has increased its efforts in external representation, by teaming up with regional offices of the WHO and other regional organizations.

Each region is lead by a Regional Director, who is elected by the members of the respective region and who works with regional assistants of the different standing committees and a capacity building assistant.

The regional directors also support the development of member organisations on their national level. This structure helps to maximise the representativeness of the members and diversity of cultures within IFMSA international working platform.

Regional Director: Yahya Korteh[email protected]
General Assistant: Lawrence Mukeh Babawo[email protected]
Development Assistant: Darell Adwoa Addison[email protected]
Development Assistant: Laura Maisvoreva[email protected]
Development Assistant: Ibrahim Kamara[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Shema Mohamed osman Mohamed[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Ekene Mary Nnagha[email protected]
Public Relations and Communication Regional Assistant: Nkenfou Pagnou Kelvine[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Nameera Banu[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Selehadin Genzeb Semmaw[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Haimanot Estifanos[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Kebron Wossen Aweke[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Hassan Abdelmoneim Ali Ahmed[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Courtney Jade Cooper[email protected]
Regional Director: Kelvin Emmanuel Gutiérrez Herrera[email protected]
Internal Development Assistant: Karla Ximena Aguirre Orellano[email protected]
General Assistant: Ariana Michelle Pozo López[email protected]
Member Engagement Assistant: Josselyn Teresa Jacinto Valdivia[email protected]
Representation Development Assistant: Vernon Antonio Davis Jr.[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Vacant[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Kaché Faith Shere Hanna[email protected]
Public Relations and Communication Regional Assistant: Vacant
SCOME Regional Assistant: Hassler Stefan Macías Sánchez[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Emma de la Salud Pahua Mota[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Lynda Carolina Prato Navas[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Carlos Javier Novoa Saenz[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Adrian Alejandro Moreno Mares[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Jeshu Emanuel Flores Lopez[email protected]
Regional Director: Shi Sien Woon[email protected]
General Assistant: Abbygail Therese Montejo Ver[email protected]
Development Assistant: Mohammad Tajwar Ali Khan[email protected]
Development Assistant: Tsz Chun Lam[email protected]
Capacity Building Assistant: Kwok Hang Chi Ryan[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Vacant[email protected]
Public Relations and Communication Regional Assistant: Syed Md. Sakir Alam[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Turar Dildabek[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Nontakorn Siriwattanasatorn[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Glorymar Hulleza-Tangarorang[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Vacant[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Sharif Mohammed Sadat[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Tomiris Sadykova[email protected]
Regional Director: Arwa Hany Sharaby[email protected]
General Assistant : Shihab Al Maawali[email protected]
Internal Development Assistant: Mehrbanoo Hosseinirad[email protected]
Member Engagement Assistant: Asma Ben Mrad[email protected]
Organizational Development Assistant: Ebtehal Abdelhakim Awad Abdelmonem[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Akram -el shamy[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Sarah Beaini[email protected]
Public Relations and Communication Assistant: Amal Naim[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Ahmed Othman Abd El-Sabour Othman[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Lobna Hadjmbarek[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Fatma Al Hosni[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Behnaz Rahati[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Habib Haytham Al-Rousan[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant:​ Mahmoud Mohamad Abdelnaeem Abdelraheem Abdelgelil[email protected]
Regional Director: Daniel Dirul[email protected]
General Assistant: Christian Philippe Stricker[email protected]
Members' Engagement Development Assistant: Naida Salković[email protected]
Internal Development Assistant: Vacant[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Vacant[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant : Martin Duranik[email protected]
Public Relations and Communication Regional Assistant for Europe: Natalia Kardas[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Kana Halić Kordić[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Margarida Herdeiro Alves Jubilot Leão[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Júlio de Oliveira Granella[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Ileana Ene[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant for Europe: Aída Ramos García[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant for Europe: Gülce Ergün[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Mia Šelović[email protected]