About Regions

It also facilitates the process of recruiting new members and it actively supports transnational participation through subregional trainings and regional meetings – the biggest regional event of the year. More recently, IFMSA has increased its efforts in external representation, by teaming up with regional offices of the WHO and other regional organizations.

Each region is lead by a Regional Director, who is elected by the members of the respective region and who works with regional assistants of the different standing committees and a capacity building assistant.

The regional directors also support the development of member organisations on their national level. This structure helps to maximise the representativeness of the members and diversity of cultures within IFMSA international working platform.

Regional Director: Zainab Elyas[email protected]
General Assistant: Yahya Korteh[email protected]
Development Assistant: KABORE KISWENDSIDA YVES ROLAND[email protected]
Development Assistant: Ewurama Danquah Tawiah[email protected]
Development Assistant: NIYONGIRA Eric[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Fatima Elbasri Abuelgasim Mohammed Yagoub[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Nanati Jemal Aliye[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Courtney Cooper[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Bernice Eméfa Edrih[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Malaz Abusufyan Elkabashi Dafallah[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant:[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Rukayat Abdulrasheed[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Samuel Nii Amarlai Nathan[email protected]
Regional Director: Angelo Moreno[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Martha Lucero Bravo Vasquez[email protected]
Internal Development Assistant: Lynda Carolina Prato Navas[email protected]
General Assistant: Adriana Karyna Gálvez Banda[email protected]
Communication and Media Assistant :
Jesús Castañeda
[email protected]
Regional Team Member Engagement Assistant: Kelvin Emmanuel Gutiérrez Herrera[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Karla Patricia Barrientos Borjas[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Valentina Coloma Borja[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Andrés Pacherres Lopez[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Scarlett Constanza Farías Donoso[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Lilly Mishelle Brown Fonseca[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Maria Fernanda Sosa Abdalah[email protected]
CB Regional Assistant: Carla María Quiroz Rios[email protected]
Regional Director: Michelle Angelica Choa
[email protected]
General Assistant: Yeuk Shun Joshua Tran[email protected]
General Assistant: Shi Sien Woon[email protected]
Development Assistant: Putri Azzahra Nur Azrina[email protected]
Development Assistant:
Ma. Ave Virginia P. Sanchez
[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant: Leonard Thomas S. Lim[email protected]
Finance Assistant:[email protected]
Capacity Building Assistant: Asadur Rahman Nabin[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Badalova Adile Bek-Zadeevna[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Phoebe Chi Fei Chan[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Salman Khan[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Asher Jethro E. Veleña[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Kritika Malik[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Titaya Punyaratabandhu[email protected]
Regional Director: Arwa Hany Sharaby[email protected]
General Assistant : Fereshteh Bagheri[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant:[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Yousra Elboukhari Elmamoun[email protected]
Development Assistant:
Omar Mohamed Salah Hegab
[email protected]
Member Engagement Assistant: Dina Tarek Bekhiet[email protected]
Finance Assistant: Mohammad Sameer Zaidan[email protected]
Public Relations and Communication Assistant: Iman Attackpour Torik[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Yazan Kamal Demaidi[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant:​ Dalia Zineb Rebbah[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Hamdy Tarek shaheen[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Asma Ben Mrad[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant: Charbel Saad[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant: Shaimaa Adel Fawzy Ibrahim Abdelrahman[email protected]
Regional Director: Laura Plešnar[email protected]
General Assistant: André Francisco Sevivas Fontoura[email protected]
Development Assistant: Evangelia Roumpou[email protected]
Capacity Building Regional Assistant: Melike Bakirci[email protected]
External Affairs Regional Assistant : Amiteshwar Singh[email protected]
Community Management Assistant: Ezgi Cakir[email protected]
SCOPE Regional Assistant: Begüm Ezelsoy[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Sehee Rim[email protected]
SCOPH Regional Assistant: Maria Helena Viegas da Cunha[email protected]
SCORP Regional Assistant: Bastien Cohin[email protected]
SCOME Regional Assistant: Anna Krawczyk[email protected]
SCORE Regional Assistant for Europe: Zignat Soryn Courtoux[email protected]
SCORA Regional Assistant for Europe: Ben de Metz[email protected]