Medical Student International (MSI)

The Medical Student International (MSI) is a biannual magazine that focuses on global health perspectives brought by medical students worldwide. It is published online in parallel to the General Assembly (March Meeting and August Meeting).

About MSI

The thematic section of each MSI aligns with the one of its respective meeting, as decided by the Federation. Additionally, the magazine features articles from medical students on their perspectives and activities related to our standing committees: public health, medical education, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, professional and research exchanges. It also includes a section on the best projects of IFMSA “the Rex Crossley Award Winners”.

In a short summary, the MSI is an interactive, engaging and inspiring magazine, given a space for medical students around the world to communicate their projects, ideas, and initiatives.

Latest Issue

Check out the last edition of the MSI – Issue 43 – published in April 2021.

Previous Issues

MSI42 – Youth and Health Emergencies

MSI41 – Primary Health Care & Achieving Universal Health Coverage 

MSI40 – Science, Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Healthcare

MSI39 – Gender in Healthcare

MSI 38 -Social Accountability & Health Beyond Hospital

MSI 37 – Action Towards Global Epidemics and Outbreaks

MSI 36 – Innovative Health Financing under the SDG3 Framework

MSI 35 – Donate Life

MSI 34 – Global Vaccine Action Plan

MSI 33 – 2020 Agenda for Sustainable Development

MSI 32 – Migration of Healthcare Workers

MSI 31 – Humanitarian Action

MSI 30 – Sustainable Development for the New Era

MSI 29 – Health Beyond 2015: Get Involved

MSI 28 – i-Health: Information & Communication Technology

MSI 27 – Advocacy & the Physician in Training

MSI 26 – Universal Health Care

MSI 25 – Youth and the Social Determinants of Health

MSI 24 – Health and the Future

MSI 23 – Health Inequalities and Disparities

MSI 22 – Health and the City

MSI 21 – Complementary and Alternative Medicine

MSI 20 – Investing in Health of Children and Youth

MSI 19 – Conflicts & Health

MSI 18 – Nutrition and Health

MSI 17 – Migration and Health

MSI 16 – Access to Essential Medicines

MSI 15 – Rural and Remote Health

MSI 14 – Health as a Human Right

MSI 13 – Eradicating Extreme Poverty and Hunger

MSI 12 – Millennium Development Goals

MSI 11 – Anti-Tobacco Strategies

MSI 10 – Easing the Global Burden of Violence

MSI 09 – Ageing and Health

MSI 08 – Exchanges

MSI 07 – The Child

MSI 06 – Adolescent and Reproductive Health

MSI 05 – Refugees and Peace

MSI 03 – Public Health: Close to the Year 2000

MSI 01 – Environment and Health

About the Team

Over the course of the past few months, a group of remarkable peers has worked tirelessly to create this publication, to ensure that we do their words justice and present everything in the best light possible. We would like to thank the following: