Who can attend?

The agenda of the Team of Officials Meetings are elaborated by the Executive Board, with the input of the other Officials. Medical Students, part of IFMSA National Member Organizations, can attend, if selected after an application process, the Team of Officials Meetings as observers.

You can find more about the Executive Board here.


Is held after August Meeting, and serves as a platform for a face-to-face handover between the on-going and the incoming Team of Officials.


Takes place during the first days of the term at the beginning of the term, in October. Its main purpose is to do team building and to help the Team of Officials better define their guidelines, plan of action, working methods and strategy for the year.


Happens in late December and/or early January and is used as a checkpoint to see how the team evolves and to start the preparations of the March Meeting.


Is just before the March Meeting, hence its main purpose is to finalize the preparations of the March Meeting General Assembly.


Usually takes place in late April and/or early May and Officials often used this meeting to push certain issues more, and to provide the Federation with a concrete roadmap to continuous growth.


Has a similar model as TOM3, and is the perfect place to check any pending issues for the August Meeting General Assembly.