Amine Youcef Ali

Vice-President for Activities

Vice-President for Finance

Mariona Borrell Arrasa
Vice-President for Members

Inês Chico Viva
Vice-President for External Affairs

Zain Muthana
Vice-President for Capacity Building

Mustafa Hushyar
Vice-President for Public Relations and Communication

Yahya Korteh
Regional Director for Africa

Angelo Moreno
Regional Director for Americas

Michelle Choa
Regional Director for Asia-Pacific

Arwa Hany Sharaby
Regional Director for EMR

Laura Plešnar
Regional Director for Europe

Tomáš Petras
Director of The Standing Committee on Medical Education

Florian Bannier
Director of The Standing Committee on Professional Exchange

Mohamed Osman
Director of The Standing Committee on Public Health

Barbara Nyaga
Director of The Standing Committee on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights including HIV and AIDS

Kevin Alvaro Handoko
Director of The Standing Committee on Research Exchange

Ana Paula Estrella
Director of The Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace

Mădălina Elena Mandache
Liaison Officer for Medical Education Issues

Mohamed Eissa
Liaison Officer for Public Health Issues

Klaudia Szymuś
Liaison Officer for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Issues, incl. HIV and AIDS

Mahmood Al-Hamoody
Liaison Officer for Human Rights and Peace Issues

Iris Martine Blom
Liaison Officer to the World Health Organization

Muhammad Ibrahim Khan
Liaison Officer to Student Organizations

The Supervising Council (SupCo) currently consists of four members appointed from both the IFMSA General Assembly and external organizations. The SupCo is an active resource body responsible for overseeing the actions and decisions made by the Executive Board and Officials of IFMSA. The Supervising Council discusses individual strategic plans with the Officials; supervises the Officials throughout the term and offer advice as necessary (advice from the Supervising Council is not binding), and is impartial and objective in all its tasks. In addition to the tasks defined by the Constitution and the Bylaws, the Supervising Council can, on request, investigate and make decisions on any internal or external issue affecting IFMSA. Any decision made by the Supervising Council has to be presented at the next General Assembly Meeting.

James Janani
Supervising Council

Elina Osi
Supervising Council

Konstantinos Theocharis
Supervising Council

Nebojša Nikolić
Supervising Council

Muhammad Gilang D P
Supervising Council

ElTahir Abdelrahman
Supervising Council

Membership Development Assistant 2021-22

Membership Development Assistant- Tsz Chun Lam[email protected]

Representation Development Assistant-Mennatallah Yasser Adel- [email protected]


Program General Assistant-Tayde Selene Martínez Medina

Program Capacity building and Development Assistant – Hussam Riadh Abdulhussain

Program Member Engagement Development Assistant- Rocío Guadalupe González González

Evaluation Assistant – Youssef Ashraf Mohammed Hamza[email protected]

Evaluation Assistant – Oussama Abdelkrim Mizi[email protected]

Program Support Assistant –  – [email protected]



Fundraising Assistant – Takako Mizuguchi[email protected]

General Assistant – Karim Arif Karim- [email protected]

Finance Development Assistant – Khadiga Hesham Saad Zaglol Elshmarka


Capacity Building General Assistant – Konstantina Papageorgiou-  [email protected]

Capacity Building Education Assistant – Mustafa Layth Alshareefi[email protected]

Capacity Building Development Assistant – Aarya Tejas Shah[email protected]

Capacity Building Online Training Assistant – Akram Ehab El-Shamy [email protected]

Capacity Building Community Management Assistant- Gökçen İleri

Capacity Building Regional Assistant for Africa – Samuel Nii Amarlai Nathan – [email protected]

Capacity Building Regional Assistant for Americas – Carla María Quiroz Rios[email protected]

Capacity Building Regional Assistant for Asia-Pacific – Asadur Rahman Nabin[email protected]

Capacity Building Regional Assistant for EMR – Yousra Elboukhari Elmamoun[email protected]

Capacity Building Regional Assistant for Europe – Melike Bakirci[email protected]



General Assistant – Kevin Cornelis Samoen Fransen [email protected]

Development Assistant – Nour Assaf[email protected]

Publications Assistant – Dimas Rakha Nanda Satwika[email protected]

Publications Assistant  – Mohamed Adam Agabna Elnour[email protected]

Publications Assistant – Mahmut Sasani – [email protected]

Publications Assistant – Shaehzeen Arshad[email protected]

Publications Assistant – Lucero Elizabeth Baca Delgado – [email protected]

Website and Technology Assistant – Syed MD. Sakir Alam[email protected]

Social Media Assistant – Katarzyna Rylewicz[email protected]

External Affairs ASSISTANTS 2020-21

External Affairs General Assistant – Elaine Tan Su Yin [email protected]

Policy Assistant – Mohamed Elzemety[email protected]

External Affairs Capacity Building Assistant – Adham Osama [email protected]

External Affairs Regional Assistant for Africa – Fatima Elbasri Abuelgasim Mohammed Yagoub[email protected]

External Affairs Regional Assistant for Americas – Martha Lucero Bravo Vasquez[email protected]

External Affairs Regional Assistant for Asia-Pacific – Leonard Thomas Sy Lim[email protected]

External Affairs Regional Assistant for EMR – – [email protected]

External Affairs Regional Assistant for Europe – Amiteshwar Singh[email protected]

The IFMSA Board of Recommendation is a group of esteemed professionals or authority figures (professors, physicians, representatives of international organizations, global health leaders etc.) who agree to pose as IFMSA advocates.

The Board of Recommendation does not have meetings; it has no official position and no compulsory tasks. Members of the Board of Recommendation can be asked to give advice or pose as a reference to IFMSA, but this depends on their own availability and capacity.

The IFMSA Executive Board is responsible for invitations to the potential members of the Board of Recommendation and the IFMSA President is responsible for its maintenance.

The current members of the IFMSA Board of Recommendation are listed below, along with the year in which they joined the Board:

  • Professor Colin Green, former CEO of the International Medical Education Trust 2000 (2006)
  • Professor Ian Fraser, Honorary Secretary of the International Federation for Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Past President of IFMSA (2007)
  • Dr Otmar Kloiber, Secretary General, World Medical Association (2008)
  • Mr Everton Hannam, UNESCO National Commissions (2008)
  • Professor Hamid Rushwan, Chief Executive, International Federation for Gynaecology and Obstetrics (2009)
  • Dr Halfdan Mahler, Former Director General, World Health Organization (2009)
  • Dr Dana Hanson, Past President, World Medical Association (2009)
  • Dr Edward Hill, Past President, American Medical Association (2009)
  • Dr Andres Nordstrom, Department for Multilateral Development Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden (2013)
  • Dr Shyama Kuruvilla, Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (2013)
  • Dr Malik Zaben, Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute, Cardiff University (2013)
  • Dr Eugenio Villar, Coordinator, Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health, WHO (2013)
  • Dr Lola Dare, CHESTRAD International CEO (2013)

For more information, contact [email protected].