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You and your National Member Organization can join an IFMSA Programs by enrolling your activity under the Program and making it a Program Activity with all its benefits.

The term enrolling an Activity means to apply to join an IFMSA Program with your Activity and for it to serve to measure the impact which all IFMSA NMOs have on the societies we serve.

The IFMSA Programs activities include but are not limited to projects, campaigns, celebrations, workshops, events, trainings, theme based publications. Using the mutual efforts of medical students worldwide, we strive to bring the world closer to sustainable and equitable well-being of everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, social, cultural, religious, political or economic background.

Here is the procedure for enrolling an Activity under a Program:

Activities must be enrolled at least 4 weeks before they start. This is done by submitting two documents to the Program Coordinator(s) relevant to the Activity. First document is Enrollment Form which is a Google Form where the Activity Coordinator explains their activity, plan of action, objective and indicators of success, so that the PC can decide if the activity belongs in this Program. One of the responsibilities of the PC is to spread awareness of how to enroll an Activity, therefore consider contacting the PCs at the relevant e-mail address. The second document is a Candidature Form, signed and stamped by the NMO President in order to ensure that the activity is supported by the NMO.

After the activity has been completed, the latest 4 weeks after the event, the Activity Coordinator must fulfill the Report Form, also via Google Forms, to provide us with statistical data and evaluation of the activity. This is the crucial part, because only by that we can actually see the impact of the activity.

Shall you have any questions on how to Enroll an Activity, contact the relevant Program Coordinator or vpa@ifmsa.org.

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