The corporate Identity (CI) Guidelines present a set of rules regarding the IFMSA brand and its usage. It sends a message that our organization is serious about being successful; giving us a sense of personality. It is our identity that makes us different from others. Maintaining a consistent identity ensures that we will be recognized and remembered. It is therefore essential to comply to the corporate identity not only in all our documentations, but in all NMO activities as well.

Usage of IFMSA Logos

The official IFMSA logos can only be used by NMOs in the following cases:

The NMO is hosting an official event:

  • General Assembly (GA)
  • Regional Meeting (RM)
  • Subregional Training (SRT)


The NMO has activities enrolled in IFMSA Programs;

However, use of the logos for another cause than mentioned may be permitted if approval is obtained from the Executive Board.

Activities done by Team of Officials and their respective International Teams can feature the Official IFMSA logos, after approval provided by the PR & Communication Team.

IFMSA Merchandise

IFMSA Merchandise is also part of the identity of IFMSA. Therefore, its production is limited to Official IFMSA events, as GAs, RMs and SRTs.

NMOs are not allowed to print official IFMSA merchandise unless they are hosting an official IFMSA meeting and permission is given by the Executive board.

However, NMOs may attain prior permission from the EB to use the IFMSA logo on their merchandise for events related to the NMO itself.


The Corporate Identity Guidelines are available for consult here, where you can find more detailed information about the merchandise and logo usage.

As the Corporate Identity is also part of the IFMSA Constitution & Bylaws, any violation to the CI is a violation of the latter.

For any further questions and inquiries, please contact the Vice-President for Public Relations and Communication ([email protected]).