Introduction of the Team of Officials 2014/2015



It is with great pleasure and motivation that the Team of Officials 2014/15 is starting their term. It will be a year full of challenges but we are sure that it will also be a year filled with many successes.

1. For a new Future
After years of discussions and debates, we arrive to an unanimous consensus during the last General Assembly that was held in Taipei (Taiwan, China) in moving forward with a new future for the Federation. The transition to a new leadership structure, a first concrete implementation of the strategic plan 2014-2017, a functional secretariat and a brilliant shift from the Projects to the Programs system: those will be the exciting challenges that will mark our term and that hopefully will bring the Federation toward efficiency, while maximizing its capacity.

2. From Global to Local Challenges?
We should not forget the global challenges we are currently facing, such as: the increase in the global rate of burnout among health professionals; the health impacts of climate change; the implementation of the sustainable development goals in a post-2015 agenda; the discussions surrounding transnational trade agreements; and the continuous challenges regarding the quality of medical education around the world.?We, as medical students, must take a more active stance on the problems that surround us all, not only at international level, but most importantly, on the local level: this is where we, the students, can have the biggest impact.

3. From words to actions
We must ensure that our Federation represents the real views and priorities of medical students. We must measure our successes not by the words we say, but by the acts we do and the values we pursue. IFMSA must be innovative and shall nourish itself with a strength to pursue its mission in vision, together with a clear commitment from NMOs. This is the only way to truly reach medical students worldwide, as well as medical professional organisations, students organisations and the communities we serve. If we really want to be the change in the world, we must ensure we strive for that change.

4. A ?new team and a commitment with the NMOs
This is why we need not only the active cooperation from the Team of Officials, but the meaningful participation from empowered and committed NMOs. We know that in order to achieve that level of collaboration, we need to continue to nourish the trust between the TO and NMOs. We are convinced that this team will do all efforts to earn your complete trust.

IFMSA founded in 1951, now lives in more than 100 countries, providing one of the biggest health mobility networks in the world with more than 12.000 global student exchanges per year. We work on a daily basis in the four corners of the world to implement the change that we want in the world. IFMSA is committed to continue wokring, as it worked in its past, to ensure a better and more meaningful change in the world by acting according to one of its oldest mottos: The impossible we do tomorrow. Miracles may take a little longer.

Agostinho Sousa, IFMSA President
On behalf of IFMSA Team of Officials 2014/15

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