Day 3 of the 7th Youth Forum in Paris:That’s just the begining!!!

Proceeding with the tremendous Youth Forum in Paris !!!
Today, our small but very efficient delegation was more and more active.
From IFMSA observer,I moved to the double status of IFMSA observer/Tunisian delegate.Now I feel unique and powerful:)
To become so,I met with the UNESCO ambassador of UNESCO here in an other UNESCO building for member states representatives.He was very happy and enthusiastic to meet me and assign me as Tunisian delegate and very proud when I told him about my position in IFMSA and what we are doing.He was very eager to help and put me in contact with the UNESCO chiefs of sectors and invited me to visit him again after the Youth Forum.
And here I found my self sitting with another Tunisian, Lebanese and Iraquian delegates making the final draft of the recommendations of the Arabic countries (Just forgot to mention that the night before we had a meeting with all the Arabic delegates to discuss our recommendations to this draft and that I was using my IFMSA skills as facilitator to moderate discussion:).
So I explain you what I meant by POWERFUL. As Tunisian delegate I could provide my inputs to the Arabic countries draft which will be taken in consideration in the final draft and I advocated for NGOs to be more heard and have our own session during the next forums with our own recommendations.Yes I’m kind of a double agent :p
So let’s hope this will work somehow!!!
After a meeting with the President of IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Associations) where she clearly expressed her wish to renew our Memorandum Of Understanding that expired last August, I spent some part of the afternoon with an another Tunisian UNESCO assistant working in the Youth section trying to understand how UNESCO works and how it’s structured.
   They call it ‘the big house’ here!!!
The last but not least part of the afternoon, Joško and me participated in the HIV/AIDS parallel session organized by UNAIDS and UNESCO about youth involvement in HIV/AIDS issues.
Our SCORA-D was one of the main contributor to the session and he promoted everything what IFMSA is doing in this field. He even lead the small working group that drafted the recommendations from the sessions and he presented them to the drafting commitee of the Youth Forum who decided to take into account five out of seven recommendations made!
Our LO to SCORP attended again the ongoing “conflict resolutions “workshop with Forest Whitakers and she introduced him IFMSA.He was definitely interested and impressed!
I’m so proud of the IFMSA delegation!
“Pour le rapport:
Today was the second day of the Conflict resolution workshop of Forest Whitaker and his team: Rashjree Patel and Aldo Civico.
It was on two parts that took the whole day, and it was very intensive.
Intensive in amount of information, intensive in quality, intensive in the rising of awareness it brought.
I think I experienced a paradigm shift today.
We touched upon everything from Leadership, Perception, Communication, Conflict Management, Problem-Solving to Awareness, Power of the mind, and breathing&meditation.
This has brought me a new model of a workshop that could be brought to the IFMSA.
I have been talking to Rashjree, Aldo and Forest, and will stay in touch with them to see how they could help implement this in SCORP, or in IFMSA in general.This workshop was so so inspiring and empowering, and the paradigm shift lies in this. You start perceiving things differently and you are aware of how much your personal leadership when founded on the right values can bring to the collective leadership.

This has truly been a defining experience that brings even more positivity and inspiration into IFMSA work” NASSIMA sharing her experience.

We are really lucky to be here and meet such an inspiring people,people that are changing the world, young leaders that are striving for a better future, activists that are fighting every single day to promote a culture of peace and equality…and I can see in this heroes all of you: IFMSA members and medical students all over the world.
In the end of the day, Joško and me again sitting in the metro talking about the meeting we are having tomorrow with a HIV/AIDS sector in UNESCO when suddenly Joško asks: Are you thinking what I am thinking? – Yes, we realized that we again took the wrong metro direction…”Jamais 2 sans 3 “as we say in French!! Hopefully , Josko’s computer is for sure in his bag this time!!!
Hope you are enjoying sharing this exciting adventure with us!
Keep checking out our blog!!
We’ll tell you absolutely everyhting you need to know!!
Your faithful but sleepy report from Paris
 Lamia,the UNESCO girl

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