Gender-Based Violence

Program Coordinator: Abdullah Ali Natik
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Focus Areas

Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

Anti-FGM, Egypt

As Anti-FGM Spread all over Egypt we in IFMSA-Egypt as Medical Students Seeking to increase awareness through Our Medical Students As theu Future Doctors,Through Physical Campaigns to them, increase awareness

to public people through Physical campaigns at different places.through TOT we increases Knowledge to Our trainers to conduct this for their LCsthrough online Campaigns to increase our outreach for Social media Users.

Women Empowerment

Women empowerment workshop, Turkey.

Our activity, which was organized by a local committee and had nation-wide participation, has sought to accurately explain and discuss the status of women in the society, roles that have burdened with the traditions and women’s health and rights. We aimed to increase the participants (mainly medical students) awareness and raise our voice in every platform by making everybody as aware as possible.

Over the two days 6 guests specialising in different areas talked about the current situation and what we can do to empower women. Between the session, training helped the participants actively discuss the topics. By handing out materials and giving tasks to participants we hoped to create and maintain a sustainable environment for discussing such sensitive topics, not only in such conferences but in every platform.

Domestic Violence

On your Own, Pakistan

On your Own is an activity designed to take a stand against unwanted advances and abuses. It is designed to create an environment where women are trained with appropriate skills to deal with 

the harmful situations, the activity raises voice against domestic violence. Noticing and acknowledging the signs of an abusive relationship is the first step to ending it.

Sexual Exploitation and Rape

Embrace your voice, Nepal.

The main idea of the program is to bring together the Health personnel, policy makers, lawyers, police, public health experts, forensic experts and discuss the issues of sexual assault and workplace violence through a Panel Discussion and help the medical students

to get a general idea and know where to approach if they or their patients find themselves in similar situation. It is also to help medical students get in touch with their literary sides and spread the message in a creative manner through Poems and Stories.

Early and Forced Marriages

Regional Training on Child Labour and Child.

Child marriage cause of die to mothers and babies or to be mother in early ages makes children vulnerable and unprotected. In the other way, in Turkey one of each 7 women marriage in child ages, by 2014’s data.

 I can explain the our objectives like our purposes;

  • – Talk about the child exploitation and take attention this subject
  • – Ensure that child marriage is more understandable for medical students
  • – Raise awareness for medical students

Program Proposal

To find our more about the current Program, check the Program Proposal document.

Activities for Gender-Based Violence Program

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