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Program Coordinator: José Diogo Soares
Contact us: [email protected]

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Focus Areas

Climate change

Workshop or training on climate change and health or advocacy effort to influence a certain community to decrease their ecological footprint.

Water sanitation

3rdparties activity to raise funds to provide access to sanitize water or to support projects that provide clean water resources.

Air pollution

Education and awareness raising event on the effect of air pollution on people’s health.

Fossil fuel divestment

Fossil free investment campaigns that target individuals, NGOs, universities and/or hospitals.

Health sustainability and green hospitals

Activities that encourage and promote environmental sustainability and go green initiatives

Food production and security

Activities focusing on the topic.


Program Proposal

To find our more about the current Program, check the Program Proposal document.

Activities for Environment and Health Program

Below you may find all the most recent activities that were recognized as part of the Activities for Environment and Health Program.

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