Disaster Risk and
Humanitarian Action

Program Coordinator: Mohamad Abdelkhalik
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Focus Areas

Disaster resilience

Emergency Medicine Simulation Seminary -SISM Italy

Our course lasted 5 days and covered ALS, CRM, Eco FAST and practical surgical activities such as PNX detension, Advanced medications, vascular accesses, BST. We had a Bleeding control session held by American College of Surgeons teachers inside the “STOP THE BLEED PROJECT” and a Disaster Medicine Day held by SISM Italy Disaster trainers. 

We gave participants a basic knowledge of the main aspects of the Emergency and Disaster Medicine though the use of the Simulation in Medicine and the Italian experience in this field.

Improvement of humanitarian initiatives

Medical Students’ Humanitarian Campaign – Norway

The medical students’ humanitarian campaign (MedHum) is working together with UNICEF to support their Makani – My space project. The project supports innovative health and learning centers in Jordan that provide psychosocial support, basic education and primary health services to Syrian refugee children and youth living in Jordan. Syrian refugee children have been affected by the Syrian crisis through the death of loved ones or the loss of homes and communities. These children are at an increased risk for early marriage, child labor and recruitment to armed groups. 

Access to Makani centers promote psychosocial wellbeing in a safe environment where these children are surrounded by others with similar experiences. The children develop life skills and coping mechanisms and learn to support one another. Makani centers focus on providing children with opportunities for active participation in constructive social change. The children and youth learn important life skills, such as teamwork, communication, leadership and creative thinking, to help them make a positive difference in their own lives and communities.

Access to care in disaster situations

Emergency Weekend – Slovenia

Emergency weekend was meant for 24 medical students of first and second year of study. Our main goal was to teach them about first aid, triage, disaster management and coordination of MCI. We rented place near Maribor, where we could practice all weekend, this was bigger cabin with lots of space. On first day we watched a movie about emergency medicine, which motivated our students and prepared them for weekend. Next day we taught them about MCI, triage, ITLS and first aid, as well as CPR. Then we had simulations of accidents, where participants had to asses injured persons, played by participants, then they switched roles.

There was also a tabletop presentation about MCI. In the evening we had a lecture about the importance of quick response. Next morning we woke them up at 4.30 with a siren and performed MCI (earthquake), they had to assess our staff (about 10 persons), and provide first aid and prepare a plan for evacuation, sectors… Then we had some more simulations of accident. We measured the impact of our training with pre and post tests, and we also evaluated each scenario and table top. 

International humanitarian law

PalSpain – IFMSA Spain

Our project tries to raise awareness among university students about the violation of the Palestinians’ Human Rights. In order to earn knowledge about this situation, we send a team of Spanish people to spend one month in Occupied Palestinian Territories, where they take many 

forming lectures, work as teachers in a summer camp with Palestinian refugee children and participate on a clerkship in different Palestinian hospitals or clinics. When they come back to Spain, they are supposed to share what they have seen, learnt and lived during this experience.

Populations in emergencies, disaster and post-disaster settings

Scophincomings: working accidents with venomous animals in riverside community – IFMSA Brazil

The activity focused on accidents involving venomous animals in a riverside community, teaching the population at risk prevention and proper management. 

Participated in the activity medical students of different local committees of our regional, besides national and international exchangers who were in these committees and still students of other health courses.


Program Proposal

To find our more about the current Program, check the Program Proposal document.

Activities for Emergencies, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian action

Below you may find all the most recent activities that were recognized as part of the Activities for Emergencies, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian action Program.

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NrProgramEnrollment yearActivityCategoryRegionNMOStanding CommitteeType
45Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2022/23ChironOtherEuropeHelMSIC GreeceSCORPContinuous Activity
46Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2022/23CARES (CIMSA Reduces Disaster Risk)EducationAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
47Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2022/23Behind Enemy Lines Capacity BuildingAfricaMedSIN SudanSCORPFirst-time Activity
48Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2022/23PRECIOUSCapacity BuildingAsia PacificCIMSA-IndonesiaSCORPFirst-time Activity
49Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2022/23Let's Medic!EducationAsia PacificIFMSA-PakistanSCORPFirst-time Activity
50Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2022/23BoxmasThird-party ActivityEuropeAMSA AustriaSCORPReplicating Activity
51Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Disaster Medicine WorkshopCapacity BuildingAsia PacificAMSAHK China, Hong KongSCORPContinuous Activity
52Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Community Resilience in COVID-19 Pandemic (CRCP)Third-party ActivityAsia PacificIFMSA-ThailandSCORPFirst-time Activity
53Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Health Emergencies and Humanitarian Action (HEHA) CampaignCampaignAfricaMedSIN SudanSCORPFirst-time Activity
54Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Disaster Medicine Preparedness Capacity BuildingEuropeFASMR RomaniaSCORPContinuous Activity
55Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Watch Us Grow Campaign: Supporting Small BusinessesCampaignEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCORPFirst-time Activity
56Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Migrant Workers Campaign: Their Home is My PrisonCampaignEMRLeMSIC LebanonSCORPFirst-time Activity
57Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Doctors Without BordersEducationEMRIMSA-IranSCORPFirst-time Activity
58Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Lost in disastersCapacity BuildingEMRIMSA-IranSCORPFirst-time Activity
59Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Tales of Warmth CampaignAsia PacificBMSS BangladeshSCORPFirst-time Activity
60Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22Hazard Mitigation and Emergency ResponseCapacity BuildingAsia PacificBMSS BangladeshSCORPFirst-time Activity
61Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action2021/22HA and DRR; challenges and -SCORP Pre NGAEducationEMRIMSA-IranSCORPFirst-time Activity