Youth Pre World Health Assembly

Youth PreWHA 2021

Educate, empower, inspire.

Every year, IFMSA hosts a Youth Pre World Health Assembly (Youth PreWHA) in the days preceding the WHA. During these days, the IFMSA Delegation to the World Health Assembly (WHA) is prepared to advocate and ensure the voice of youth is being heard at the most high-level global health decision-making event. Launched in 2013, the Youth PreWHA has become an important event for the IFMSA and the broader youth community engaged in health. The event aims to educate and empower future leaders in health while developing a collaborative approach to youth engagement at the WHA.

Since 1969, our global network of 1.3 million medical students from 130 countries has constructively engaged with the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure active youth participation and engagement in global health governance. The most significant opportunity for engagement is the World Health Assembly, the premier arena for global health discussions between member states and civil society.

As global health governance is a complex field, there is a need to provide high-quality training to youth, to strengthen their health advocacy efforts as they endeavor to represent the youth voice. The Youth Pre-World Health Assembly (Youth PreWHA) does exactly this. Held over 5 days prior to the World Health Assembly (WHA), it is a unique opportunity for 50 youth health advocates from all over the world to develop skills, gain knowledge, and contribute to collective advocacy.

The Youth PreWHA revolves around analyzing and exploring contemporary debates pertinent to the issues tabled in the agenda for the WHA. We also develop the necessary soft skills to be successful advocates in the global health arena. This allows participants to be critical thinkers and influential advocates at the WHA.

Hundreds of our students have participated in the PreWHA and have taken up positions as leaders in their respective fields. They have also joined civil and foreign service, taken up active roles in their national professional associations, and joined various NGOs and international organizations. Their impact on global health is inspiring and it is a privilege to be a part of their journey

For more information on IFMSA’s Youth PreWHA, please read the 2019 PreWHA Report here, and for more information on the IFMSA’s engagement at the World Health Assembly, please read the 72nd WHA Report here.

For further information, including partnership opportunities, please contact the IFMSA Liaison Officer to the WHO on [email protected]

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