Youth Multi-Stakeholder Forum kicks off here in Bali

It’s 9am here in Bali and youth from around the world have gathered as part of the multi-stakeholder forum. Tomorrow we shall be attending HLP meeting with the High-Level Panel, and sharing the views of young people from around the world on the post-2015 development agenda. The IFMSA team are here in force:


For those of you unfamiliar with the Post-2015 process it is in essence in two components. The UN Secretary General launched in September of 2012 a high level panel on Post-2015 which is meant to assess the successes & failures of MDGs and suggest ideas for a framework to replace them. This process has had multiple meetings a number of both online and thematic consultations via the world we want website. The blog below is from our Presidents trip to the thematic health consultation in Botswana this month. The other part of the process is the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals which had their first meeting in NYC last week you can read more here.

Back to the High Level Panel and this meeting, the High Level Panel have been tasked with producing a report for the UNGA to be published in May. There have been two key meetings so far the one in London on poverty at the household level, and one in Monrovia, Liberia on poverty at the national level. This meeting is meant to define:

  • Framing A New Global Partnership for Development
  • Identifying Thematic Priorities for Goals
  • Defining Means of Implementation
  • A Framework for Monitoring Progress

So how does this all tie to health.

MDG 8 was the goal on global partnerships, it is unlikely there will be a new goal on partnerships. However the HLP will probably suggest a new framework on global partnerships, the goals will also hopefully be universal and we will move beyond the classic north-south view of development. MDG8 included a target on access to medicines, clearly issues of technology transfer and issues of trade are intimately tied to health as well as many other areas. So far there seems to be little new coming out of the panel beyond realising the world has changed since the year 2000, we really new ideas on both trade and also tech transfer.

Health almost certainly will be a thematic priority and within the health constituency Universal Health Coverage is almost certainly going to be the health goal. Though there is a lot of work on the details of this to go and how social determinants of health. There is still no clear answer as to whether the HLP will propose a set of goals since, there are already rumours about the UK government and DFID trying to produce a whole set of goals, targets and indicators, yet it is unclear whether the HLP has the mandate to propose goals as it is not a body of eminent people not member states.

Means of implementation again has little new on the table, a global financial transaction tax is being ruled out by the UK. Where is the money for development going to come from? How are we going to implement future development goals and who is going to pay for it? Should we be seeing global alcohol and tobacco taxes?

We will be posting more blogs over the coming days and would love to hear your thoughts on what a new partnership for development would look like and how can we implement future development goals.

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