World Refugee Day 2018

Welcome to the SCORP World Refugee Day 2018 Campaign!

World Refugee Day is commemorated on the 20th of June every year. This day is for us to connect together to promote, protect and advocate for Refugees’ Health and Rights and show the world about the potential and power refugees have within. This year’s campaign aims at raising awareness on the provision of the basic rights to refugees and to mobilize SCORPions to actively engage in the topic.

Aim of the Campaign

We defined the following aims and objectives for the World Refugee Day 2018 campaign:

  1. To raise awareness of the challenges faced by refugees among medical students as well as the general public
  2. To create a more refugee-friendly society, by increasing knowledge and deconstructing myths about refugees.
  3. To empower members to carry out activities on the topic Refugees’ Health and Rights.
  4. To strengthen IFMSA through the creation of an open forum to discuss the role of medical students within the field of Refugees’ Health and Rights.
  5. To make IFMSA’s and the NMOs work regarding Refugees’ Health and Rights more visible.

IFMSA is also a part of the #WithRefugees Coalition by the UNHCR therefor our two main hashtags during this campaign will be #IFMSAstandsWithRefugees and #WRD2018 so make sure you use them in order to show your support. And make sure you check our the members of the coalition here.

World Refugee Day 2018 Map and Local Activities

Imagine a tool that will show the activity you will conduct on World Refugee Day 2018, with the rest of the world. Imagine a tool that will make it possible for you to see what will happen all around the world. A tool that will represent all of SCORP’s work, living up to our slogan “medical students worldwide”.

Well, that tool is no other than our very own World Refugee Day 2018 Map. This map will be shared a few days prior to 20th of June and will show all the activities that will be conducted by SCORPions on that they. And all of will be possible with your participation. Cause your work deserves the best.

You can submit your activities through this form until the 15th of June: here, and to see what local/national activities you can conduct, please check out our World Refugee Day 2018 Mini-guide: here

International Activities: Something to inspire you!

1. Refugee Talk: Video & Article activity

We have come up with some activities to celebrate world refugee day 2018! These activities are a platform for you to share your passion and  show that #IFMSAstandsWithRefugees

Be sure to have a look at these and submit your work so that we can share it on a global platform.

Have you ever been in contact with a refugee? Have you ever worked for refugees? Are you a refugee yourself?

Working with/for/as refugees is an exploration that has a lot of impact on us as a whole. As IFMSA members and human rights advocates we are highly involved with refugee rights and we all gain an experience at some level. In “Refugee Talk” we want you to embrace us with your unique experiences. Through a video or an article, express yourself clearly about one of a kind of an experience. Feel free to talk about any incidence or project regarding refugees that you’ve been involved in, sharing your feelings, ideas, what you’ve learned and what was your benefit.

So either shoot a 1.5-2 minute long video or write a 500-word article and send it to [email protected] with your name and NMO till the 8th of June. All contributions must be in English or an English translation(such as subtitles or the translation of the article) should be provided so that everyone can understand your experiences. You can also share the stories or experiences of family members or friends with their approval.

In order to get some inspiration make sure you watch our #RefugeeTalk teaser through the link we shared above or here.

If you are not sure on how to shoot a video then check the steps below:

How to film

  • A cell phone is fine but be sure to shoot in HD
  • Film in landscape to get the wide range of the camera (meaning that if you’re using a phone, hold it horizontally, not vertically)
  • Find a silent and private place
  • Film in a way with which the interviewee feels comfortable (distance, focus etc)
  • After the filming, let the interviewee watch and approve the video

How to write:

  • Write an article regarding your experiences working with/for/as refugees
  • Your article can also be an analytical piece just make sure you state your sources
  • Make sure your piece is 500 words long
  • Send your piece as an editable word doc. and include your name and NMO in the email.

2. In Someone’s Shoes: The game

This is an interactive story, where you will get an insight into the life of an asylum seeker and the challenges that she faces. You need to make decisions and answer some questions. You can play it here.

3. Through Your Eyes: Photo and drawing contest

“A photo is worth a thousand words.”-

Do you want your work to be the headline of our campaign? Do you want to share the stories of refugees through the objective of your camera or celebrate their strength with the strokes of your brush?

Your paintbrush and your camera can change the world. Make a drawing or take a photo about refugee rights! It can be an abstract work of out, a nice shot you took during an activity regarding refugee rights, It can be a scene you created or based on a real image! Create your work and send it to us, and the best part is the best submissions will be…


Our Official World Refugee Day 2018 Cover Picture

What can you submit?

  • An original work that belongs to you, It is really important for you to have the ownership rights to what you submit.
  • Something you created previously or something you create now till the call
  • An artistic photo you took, a drawing you made(either realistic or abstract), a photo of you holding a message for refugees, a photo taken during an activity regarding refugees
  • Please make sure that all the contributors of your work(including the people inside tyour photos) are okay with your submission

Send your submissions to [email protected], before the 8th of June, but keep in mind that we will assess and publish submissions continuously! Please include your name, age, and country and indicate if you want your submission to be published anonymously or not.

Can’t wait to see your amazing work!

Important for  Refugee Talk & Through Your Eyes: By submitting your contributions(including your info) you agree for us to use your contributions within our World Refugee Day 2018 campaign, the campaign’s follow up and for the promotion of future campaigns. If we want to use your contributions for any other purpose then you will be contacted and your consent will be asked. If you wish your contribution to be deleted after the campaign then you can state your request to [email protected]. We also hold the right to edit your submissions for feasibility purposes if you have any objections to the product of the submissions we receive then you can contact us from the same email.

World Refugee Day Facebook Event

Imagine waking up one day and realizing that you have lost everything you that you hold dear – your friends, your family, your house. Unite with us as we show our solidarity #WithRefugees.

As the World Refugee Day Small Working Group; we have created this event as an exhibition for you to express all the talent and creativity you have and participate in our World Refugee Day 2018 campaign in order to promote refugee rights and to understand the struggles refugees face. The Event will take place between the 10th and the 20th of June.

How can you participate?

  • Share your in your poems, articles, artwork, photographs, doodles, videos, songs, movies, memes and whatever else you can think of! The sky is the limit! We want this to be a platform for you to showcase your passion for humanity. The only limitation is that your post has to be about refugee rights!
  • Use the hashtag #IFMSAstandsWithRefugees to tag your contributions and share them with the world!
  • And make sure you nominate others so that they get to express themselves too!
  • Check out the Talent Exhibition we held for World Human Rights Day to see examples of what you can post:

What is our aim?

  • Engage medical students from around the world in discussions about refugees.
  • Raise awareness about the issues faced by refugees and the stigma faced by them.
  • Promote a more refugee-friendly society by sharing their stories
  • Giving tribute to people who have helped refugees and to encourage people to help refugees.
  • Looking at healthcare issues faced by refugees.

Let’s come together to celebrate the courage of refugees and pledge our support!

Like and Subscribe our Event Page for WRD 2018!

Webinar: Youth Involvement

This year we will have a webinar focusing on youth involvement to the refugee issue. We will have awesome SCORPions participating as speaker and they will share their projects and experiences. We will also have an external speaker on board to tell us why the refugee issue is actually a youth issue, the impact of young people’s work have and how can young people get more involved.

The date and time of the webinar  will be announced soon so stay tuned on our social media channels!

Social Media Campaign

1. Background

In a world where violence forces thousands of families to flee for their lives each day, the time is now to show that the global public stands with refugees. We as medical students should do our best to raise awareness about the struggles of refugees and advocate for their rights.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools we can use to spread a message and raise awareness. Here’s how you can use your social media pages and join the campaign.
Our main platforms will be the IFMSA SCORP Facebook group and the Facebook Event

  • Even though the Facebook Event is focused on sharing your talents, we will also share the posts about our campaign there too so make sure you stay tuned.
  • Make sure you use the official hashtag #IFMSAstandsWithRefugees
  • All the submissions we receive will be monitored and some will be shared in our channels.
  • The World Refugee Day 2018 Map will be launched on the 16th of June so you will be able to see all the activities created.

2. Profile Picture

As you know there is no SCORP Campaign without one of our famous profile pictures. After all our profile pictures are a great tool for us to share a message and make a statement. So show your support to our campaign and tell the world that #IFMSAstandsWithRefugees.

Change your Profile Picture to add the frame our Small Working Group has created. To do so, please visit this link.

Regional Activities: What you can do at home

We believe regional activities are great tools in order to increase member involvement, therefore, the WRD 2018 SWG members and your Regional Assistants are trying their best to create cool activities for all of you.

Stay tuned in the regional groups to find out more:

  • Africa: #IfiwereaRefugee
  • Americas: #WelcomeToAmericas
  • Asia-Pacific: #MyNameMyStory, #extraordinarylives
  • EMR: #youllneverwalkalone, #weareone
  • Europe: #standformercy

Enquire now

Give us a call or fill in the form below and we will contact you. We endeavor to answer all inquiries within 24 hours on business days.