World Tuberculosis Day 2018 – Nepal (NMSS)

Name of the activity: World Tuberculosis Day 2018

Country/NMO: Nepal (NMSS)

Program: Communicable Diseases


Type of the activity: Campaign


Focus area:

Prevention of Communicable Diseases | Tuberculosis

Problem statement:

Lack of knowledge about the current END TB strategy that is being implemented by WHO. More than 44, 000 cases of TB are diagnosed in Nepal, and the annual mortality due to this ranges from 5000 to 7000. The new END TB strategy that is being implemented by WHO from 2015 on wards aims to create a world free of TB where there is zero deaths, disease and suffering due to TB. Nepal is a developing country where a lot of people live in rural areas and are not able to access health related information. Our aim is to spread awareness via media such as radios, and television about the various plans and policies that are being implemented at a national level and encourage those who are stricken with this dreadful, yet remediable disease to seek treatment and care.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Medical students, health professionals, and the general public

Objectives and indicators of success:

– Mass awareness program regarding the END TB 2030 strategy by conducting a panel of discussion with distinguished individuals who have worked in the field or eradication.
– Screening of suspected and vulnerable individuals at a tertiary health center using GeneXpert and also informing the screened individuals about its importance
– Making informative videos about topics such as GeneXpert, MDR TB, the END TB strategy and Direct Observed Treatment Shortcourse
– Street dramas and flash mobs will be conducted at local hubs to generate mass awareness
– Education will be provided to the children residing at an orphanage regarding the mode of transmission, symptoms as well as ways to prevent TB.


– Orientation about the program to the volunteers by the SCOPH circle
– Research done about the END TB strategy and impact of TB in Nepal
– Script writing and choreography of the flash mob
– Networking and confirmation of distinguished individuals for the panel of discussion
– Approaching media personnel to broadcast our campaign
– Training of volunteers about matters related to the awareness and education to be provided to the children of the orphanage
– Approaching INGOs and NGOs for materials to be kept at stalls, such as flexes, pamphlets and colorful chart papers.
– Narrowing down the targeted individuals for screening via GeneXpert
– Identifying skilled health professionals for the process of sputum collection

Plans for evaluation:

– The clinical examinations of the vulnerable people for screening via GeneXpert will be done very carefully
– Pre and post evaluation quizzes will be taken at the stalls as well as the orphanage to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice.
– Vitals will be checked of the people visiting the stalls as a source of attraction and to give credibility to the stall activities.
– Media coverage and the area covered by the broadcast of our panel of discussion will be assesed
– Registration will be done in each event to gain an overall idea of the impact of our campaign

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