SISM NOVARA Flash MobThis WAD has been  A really special event for Novara and lot of activities have been done to celebrate it.

There was a STAND in the corridor of university, where we gave condoms out and we asked to students about the most common ways of transmission of HIV, stigma, discrimination and so on! Many of them didn’t know anything about this!!!

Then we organized a FLASHMOB in the parking of university! We created a human RED RIBBON and the word “HIV”.


One of use ran, as he was a ball, and destroyed the writing. This was our celebration of “GET TO ZERO”!!!  It was really cool…lots of people saw and clapped us!!!
At the end, we organized a HAPPY HOUR for girls and boys interested in HIV/AIDS theme, with a doctor specialized in infectious diseases. She talked about her experience in the hospital and she also presented the current situation of HIV in the World and in Novara.

Then we talked about COMMUNICATION about HIV/AIDS and we watched some spots and videos during a very interesting debate!!!

All participants enjoyed it and were really satisfied!!!

Greeting and kisses from all the SCORAngels of Novara!!!

Sabrina Clobiaco, LORA


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