Women, a will throughout the history – IMSA-Iran

Name of the activity: Women,a will throughout the history

Country/NMO: IMSA-Iran

Program: Gender-Based Violence

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Campaign

Focus area: Women Empowerment

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 5 (Gender Equality), SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities)

Problem statement:

Gender equality is one of the essential human rights and a foundation of serenity; despite being vital, it is an issue in many countries. 

Lack of support and economic affairs increase the absence in work field; however, statistics show the active presence of more than 163M women in the work field; We want to explore their own troubles to GBV by introducing eminent female role models; showing how these women succeeded, sets an example for females who have many goals but find them far-fetched.

Target groups:

  • Medical students


  • Women


1 . Informing at least 400 audiences of Golestan Scientific Association’s web pages about the problems and challenges of women’s educational and work paths from the past to the present, including gender discrimination, by publishing a podcast on the lives of successful and effective Iranian women in recent decades On 2021  December 5 

2 . Informing at least 400 contacts of the virtual pages of Golestan Medical Sciences Association

In the field of gender discrimination and ideological taboos in the present in various fields of education and work in Iran with the publication of a documentary series of interviews with a number of successful women in the current society on 2021 December 7 

3 . Involve at least 50 people to share their personal experiences about discrimination and gender barriers in the family, study environment, work, etc. by posting a set of questions in the stories of the Golestan University Medical Association’s Instagram page on 2021 December 10

Indicators of Success:

1 . Assessing the interest in the content presented and the impact of informing them about the problems and challenges of women, especially gender discrimination in past societies with at least 800 views and 400 likes, at least 40 comments, at least 40 times sharing and at least 30 times saving the content of the podcast  through the Instagram page of the Scientific Association of Gorgan University of Medical Sciences 

2 . Assessing the effectiveness and attractiveness of the presented content regarding gender discrimination in the way of education and employment of women with at least 800 views, at least 400 likes, at least 40 comments and at least 50 times sharing documentaries on GOUMSA page.

  1. Measuring the participation of the target community in order to share their personal experiences against obstacles to success and gender discrimination in the community with at least 50 answers to the questions raised in the story of the Instagram page of GOUMSA.


This project encompasses 3 stages; past, present, future. 

At first we introduced some acclaimed and influential women of past societies. Secondly we represented women, combating discrimination in various occupations, by means of an interview. Eventually, we asked our audience to provide us with experiences in which they’d faced educational and social discrimination.

Plans for evaluation:

Assessing the target community in  cases like Iranian history’s impact on  past societies of Iran, the problems and challenges of women(i.e GBV for the most part), measuring how well did the target community combat challenges. Collaborating by sharing personal experiences on the concept of GBV via answering questions asked on our Instagram page. Evaluation of self-confidence and self-esteem.

The number of views, likes and shares in the whole project was to be 40,500,700 in order, but the numbers reached were 52,567,793, which exceeded expectations. And how to participate in sharing the experiences of the girls in the community and reviewing their response, there was a complete increase in confidence and hope for the future. During the preparation of the documentary video, the enthusiasm of interviewees was noticeable. Pre-test questions were 23%, but the same rule applied for post-tests, which was 72%, which showed an average increase of 49% of the audience after the project was done.

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