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IFMSA will be presenting two interventions. These are for agenda points on “Health System Strengthening” and “Youth and Health Risks”. Furthermore, we aim to submit an intervention on the importance of discussing the social determinants of non-communicable disease prevalence. We have seen the necessity to do so after attending an NCD Alliance/Lancet-event on NCDs this evening, where the social determinants and healthcare access and coverage received limited attention.

The working document for the intervention, which is the intervention we send out on the servers before the WHO EB-meeting, but which we never presented. We will use the social determinants component and expand it.

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IFMSA attended a technical briefing on the World Conference on the Social Determinants of Health. We were able to talk to the chair of the session, which was the Brazilian representative to the WHO Executive Board. He affirmed that IFMSA will be invited for the conference, and encouraged us to submit comments to a WHO-consultation on a technical document on the social determinants of health: http://www.who.int/sdhconference/en/index.html. This submission is being worked on by the LO to the WHO, LPH, IFMSA President and the SWG on Health Inequity lead by Renzo Guinto from AMSA-Philippines, where also Anna Klicpera who is part of our delegation is a member.

Margaret Chan’s opening speech can be accessed here: http://www.who.int/dg/speeches/2011/wha_20110516/en/index.html. One of the most interesting and also controversial discussions at the WHA will be the proposed reform of the WHO and the establishment of a World Health Forum including stakeholders like the Gates Foundation, GAVI, Global Fund and with direct connections to decision-making processes in the WHO EB and WHA. It may be a new paradigm in global health governance.

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