Webinar on Overview of Clinical Practice

Name of the activity: Webinar on Overview of Clinical Practice

Country/NMO: Bangladesh (BMSS)

Program: Medical Education Systems

Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education. Education on health issues for specific societal groups, either in the form of projects (set of tasks for a certain group over a fixed period of time), events (something notable that happens) or conferences (form meeting about ideas related to a particular topic, usually over several days).

General description:

The activity is a webinar on overview of clinical practice. An application named Zoom will be used to connect with participants and conductors. Two nedical students of 5th year will be conducting the webinar. Participants will have to fill up a form to register themselves for the webinar. Each session will be for about 1.5 hours and will occur bi-weekly. A feedback will be taken from the participants at the end of the session and any query they will be having will be cleared.

Focus area:

Students’ involvement in medical education | Evaluation and Assessment

Problem statement:

An initiative to help professional examinees to revise their syllabus right before exam, so that they can fill the void they had during lectures and classes.

Target groups:

Medical students


General population, Medical students

Objectives and indicators of success:


– provide the students the opportunity to review the pre-clinical knowledge and correlate it with the clinical subjects in a comprehensive manner.

– motivate the students to brainstorm and solve clinical problems.

-help students do better in their Professional Examinations.

Indicator- assessment of participants and their feedbacks


We will be having sessions on different topics such as Respiratory System, Cardiovascular system,etc. We will use an application names Zoom in order to connect to our participants. Our participants will have to fill up a form so that we have all their contact information so that every detail of the sessions can be sent to them. We will be conducting the sessions bi-weekly.

Plans for evaluation:

Every queries and confusions of the participants will be noted or sent to us, as it seems fit. A feedback will be given either at the end of the session or at the beginning of the next session.

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