“Visits to the community outreach projects in Thailand”

Field Trip 2


The Prince Mahidol Award Conference is a five day long event during which the most important issues of medical education and health equity are raised.  We had amazing opportunity to take part in one of six Field Trips organized by PMAC Secretariat. The theme of this event was “Lifestyle for Disease Prevention” in Theptarin Hospital in Bangkok.

Healthy life style – easier said than done. Everyone knows that eating right, being physically active, and staying happy are good for health and can prevent multiple chronic diseases, but very few can put them in routine practice.

Theptarin Hospital in Khlong Toei, Thailand is a private hospital specialized in diabetes with a goal to be the hospital whose aim is not only to help patients living with diabetes but also to prevent people from being sick. We were warmly welcomed in “Lifestyle building” where “Diabetes Escape Challenge” of walking on 17th Floor using stairs has started. This building is built specially to promote healthy lifestyle for disease control and prevention. Explore how the concept of private hospital and preventive services can               be integrated, what efforts have been done to promote behavior modification in employees, patients, and society, and how each small unit can contribute to the total health of the nation.

Field Trip 3

The session started from a brief explanation of how Theptarin Hospital, initiated and built by Prof. Thep Himathongkam, MD, FACP, FACE, has grown wonderfully from a small private clinic for 30 years. The unique part is, we could choose whether to sit on a chair or an exercise ball while listening to the history of Theptarin Hospital. This style is built by this hospital to promote the healthy lifestyle as well. Near lunch time, our perspective of healthy life was going broader by explanation about healthy food and how you can control your food intake to prevent any unnecessary diseases.

As the field trip went one, Theptarin had prepared some challenges as well for the participants. We were then guided to the 5th floor, where they have exercise room and swimming pool for the Gym Class Challenge. We were tested there for our aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness level with the 3-Minute Step Test and our flexibility, which went not very well for us unfortunately. And followed by Supermarket Challenge, where we were provided with the information how to shop ‘safely’ in supermarket, means to control as well what you buy based on the content of the food. Less sugar, less bad fat, and enough calories.

The ending of the field trip was the introduction of Theptarin Diabetes Staging to the participants and wrapping up the day’s discussion and activities. Compliments, good comments, and supportive words came out from the participants to the Theptarin Hospital staff and committee, for their amazing and tremendous work.


Michalina and Farhan

Michalina Anna Drejza: RA SCORA for Europe

Farhan Mar’i Isa: SCOPE Director

Field Trip 3

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