Video for International Women’s day – Malawi (UMMSA)

Name of the activity: Video for International Women’s day

Country/NMO: Malawi (UMMSA)

Program: Gender Based Violence


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

This was done by interviewing medical students with preset questions. We also interviewed a professional in the medical field and got her views of the topic with preset questions as well. After the interviews were done, we edited the video and published on the 8th of March.

Focus area:

Women Empowerment

Problem statement:

Women in most cultures are often viewed as second class citizens and are inferior. We are trying to break this barrier by social media campaigns through our videos that mainly consist of the youth and their views when it comes to issues to do with women and women empowerment. We also aim to involve a woman that they can look up to and can inspire them.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Women and girls mostly available on social media

Objectives and indicators of success:

To bring awareness to issues that affect women.
To empower the youth to take an actice role when it comes to issues that affect women and girls.


Our goals will be achieved by strong media campaign that is using different types of social media to get the video across so we have as many viewers as possible. This also involves getting more people invovlved in the video so that they are driven to participate in sharing the video as well.

Plans for evaluation:

Evaluation is through the number of people we reach with our video in terms of number of views and also behavioural change.

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