Vakcinet – Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Name of the activity: Vakcinet

Country/NMO: Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Program: Communicable Diseases


Type of the activity: Education


General description:

We are dealing with the field of vaccination, which is, of course, related to infectious diseases, more specifically their prevention. This way, we can directly connect with the program of infectious diseases, as our main goal is to reduce their incidence with a higher immunization.
Our project is in a direct correlation with the work of the IFMSA program. The primary objective of both organizations is to educate medical students as well as the general public about the importance of both communicable diseases (and their epidemiology) and appropriate prevention strategies for them (objectives 1-2).
Furthermore, our goal is to equip medical students (our future doctors) with strategies for spreading awareness about importance of vaccination and consequently preventing a possible spread of communicable diseases and improving health outcomes for high-risk populations (objective 5). Higher percentage of immunization coverage in our population will reduce transmission and/or improve health outcomes for communicable diseases (objective 11).

Focus area:

Work to increase rate of Vaccination

Problem statement:

The project Vakcinet intends to raises awareness of the public about the importance of vaccination and the removal of prejudices about vaccines. In the past year, we have witnessed outbreaks of measles in Italy, Serbia, Kosovo etc. The concern is that the vaccination in Slovenia is 92% (Ljubljana 88%), but we need at least a 95% for preventing measles outbreak. In 2018 we have already seen a few cases of measles and whooping cought in Slovenia. Only if people understand the importance of vaccination will we be able to prevent new epidemics

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The primary target group are parents and future parents, the secondary group are children and young adults. Finally the third group represents the workers in the hospital and the medical students. The benefits will go to the general population

Objectives and indicators of success:

Primary goals:
1. Organizing a consultation on vaccination on March 8, 2018
2. Raise vaccination against flu in University medical center Maribor over 25%
3. Raise vaccination against influeza above 60% in Faculty of Medicine Maribor
4. Have at least 15 lectures at parent’s’ schools by the end of 2018 involving two students of the Faculty of Medicine Maribor
5. Have at least 30 lectures in secondary schools by the end of 2018
6. Implementing a motivation weekend in cooperation with the Imuno project by the end of 2018
7. 4 lectures for the Faculty of Education University of Maribor in March 2018

Secondary objectives:
1. Achieve 1000 likes on Facebook until the end of 2018 and increase the reach of the posts
2. Improve cooperation with Imuno, which includes the publication of an illustrated book for children


In the year 2018, the education of medical students is the main priority, therefore, the organization of a vaccination consultation is very important. Students will touch on the most important topics of vaccines and learn how to take the patients fear against vaccine. With good promotion via social networks (Fb), flyers and posters we will encourage students to attend the meeting.
A good promotion of vaccination is also needed to increase vaccination against flu. Like this year we going to have a huge promotion (posters, badges, leaflets etc.), also we will try to have a short presentation, why it is so important for a worker in the hospital to get a flu shot.

Plans for evaluation:

– A successful consultation on vaccination will be checked through a short examination before and after consultation. This will also serve as a small research project of the project.
– The succes of the lecture will be measured by quantity of direct responses of participants during the lecture and by surveys, which will be handed to parents at the end of the lecture.
– The success of promotion of vaccination will be determined from the number of immunizations in the Universaty medical center Maribor and students of the Faculty of Medicine Maribor

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