Vaccine Ambassadors’ Campaign – IMSA-Iran

Name of the activity: Vaccine Ambassadors’ Campaign

Country/NMO: IMSA-Iran

Program: Communicable Diseases

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: Continuous Activity

Category: Campaign

Focus area: Work to increase rate of Vaccination

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 3 (Good Health and Well-Being)

Problem statement:

The coronavirus pandemic remains a global threat to life. Unfortunately, recent polls show that 20 to 30 percent of Iranians are reluctant to receive the Covid-19 vaccines. low levels of public information about vaccines and their side effects may lead to a high mortality rate. Studies show that nearly half of hesitant people reconsider after being informed about it. Therefore, this project is designed to increase public awareness about Covid-19 vaccines and the number of vaccinated people.

Target groups:

  • General population


  • General population


Phase 1

Train at least 80 members from Rafsanjan and Golestan LCs through digital brochures and prepared content and online classes on 3 topics: 1.Rumors(mostly wrong information) about Covid-19 vaccination 2.Number of new cases and deaths in countries that are doing good in vaccination 3.Different Covid-19 vaccines available in Iran and their side effects

Attract at least 15 LCs to collaborate.

Attract at least 500 members through Google form.

Train those members through online classes and brochures and prepared content on the topics mentioned in 1st objective.

Train at least 500 ambassadors’ family members on 3 topics mentioned before.

Phase 2

Invite at least 100 ambassadors trained in the first phase

Attract at least 300 people from the public and advertising on Telegram channels and groups.

Train people who have participated in the project by trained ambassadors on 3 topics mentioned before.

Inform at least 300 other people by trained individuals on three topics mentioned before.

Indicators of Success:

Phase 1: 

  • Full awareness of 80% of people who are trained about the side effects of vaccines and types of vaccines available
  • Attract at least 30 members from each LC to participate in the project
  • Full awareness of at least 80% of the ambassadors participating in the project about vaccination and its side effects and gaining the ability to persuade their family members by medical information
  • Receive at least 400 vaccination cards from ambassadors’ family members 
  • Satisfaction of 80% of people participating in the project through the Google evaluation form

Phase 2 

  • Persuade at least 20% of ambassadors invited to collaborate in the continuation of the project
  • Train and inform at least 80% of people attracted to the project about vaccination and its side effects
  • Receive at least 200 vaccination cards from people informed by ambassadors
  • Receive at least 50 vaccination cards from convinced people.
  • Receive at least 300 vaccination cards from people who were invited to get the COVID vaccine by the ambassadors chosen and trained from the public.
  • Satisfaction of 70% of people participating in the project through Google evaluation form.


“Phase 0: Initially, some meetings were held to brainstorm ideas and determine the commitments of each LC from August 9th to 11th.

Phase 1: From September 3rd to October 22nd, Instagram posts, digital brochures and clips will be shared to inform the audience. then we will invite different LCs and ask each of them to introduce 30 to 50 motivated people.

Phase 2: From October 7th to December 6th, we will begin extensive advertising by sharing the Google Form on high-profile Telegram channels to invite the public to join the campaign and the phone number of individuals will be collected. In order to train those who join the campaign, selected ambassadors in phase 1 will be invited to continue their cooperation and train people then their trainees will continue to train those around them. At the end of this phase, project evaluation will be made by collecting the vaccination cards of those who have received it.

Plans for evaluation:

Ambassadors’ information will be measured through a post-test on Google form after training them. The performance of collaborative LCs will be evaluated by the number of people attracted through the Google registration form. Our team’s success in training ambassadors and their ability to persuade people will also be checked through the number of vaccination cards received.

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