Update about the vacant positions on the Executive Board 2017-18

Up until earlier this month, the Executive Board for the term 2017-18 had two vacant positions, namely the position of Vice-President for Capacity Building (VPCB) and the position of Vice-President for Public Relations and Communication (VPPRC). You will find below an update regarding these two positions.

Vice-President for Capacity Building 2017-18:

Following the resignation of Mr. Sukhdeep Arora from the position just before the start of our 66th General Assembly August Meeting, the current Executive Board proposed to hold a Special Election online. The proposal was approved by our National Member Organisations, and a call for candidates was sent out.

Out of four candidatures received, two were deemed to be valid according to our Constitution and Bylaws, and the elections took place in two rounds, in which more than 60 NMOs out of 83 with voting rights took part.

Ms. Frida Vizcaino Rios from IFMSA-Mexico, who held the position of Capacity Building Regional Assistant for the Americas during this term, was elected with an absolute majority following the second round.

Vice-President for Public Relations & Communication 2017-18

Despite multiple calls for candidatures and two elections at the March and August Meetings, the position of Vice-President for Public Relations and Communication 2017-18 remained vacant. As such, the current Executive Board sent out a new call for candidates after the August Meeting.

Out of five candidatures received, three were deemed valid according to our Constitution and Bylaws. Yet, instead of an election, it was up to the Executive Board to appoint someone per interim to the position.

The Executive Board reviewed all candidatures and sent questions to all candidates. We also asked for input from National Member Organisations and the Executive Board elect.

Following lengthy deliberations, Mr. Cheng-Jui (Jamie) Hung, from FMS-Taiwan, was appointed to the position per interim. Mr. Hung will run for a vote of confirmation by the NMOs at the upcoming March Meeting 2018.

What’s Next?

The handovers for Ms. Rios and Mr. Hung have now started and they have integrated their team. They will join them and the rest of the Team of Officials 2017-18 at their first Team of Officials Meeting (TOM-1), which will be held in Athens, Greece, during the first week of October.

Stay tuned for an introduction of the entire team, to be published after the start of the new term!

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