Universal Health Coverage

This pillar highlights the fundamental role of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in achieving health equity and offers a comprehensive understanding of the application of UHC in building strong and resilient health systems. It also focuses on arenas fundamental to the achievement of UHC, such as that of Primary Health Care, health financing, Human Resources for Health(HRH), service delivery mechanisms and Digital Health Interventions (DHIs), and further elaborates on patterns of global health expenditure, equations of accessibility and the role of youth advocacy in achieving UHC. 


This year, the UHC program also offers a unique perspective into the role of key actors in UHC and how they help shape the global health agenda – giving participants a detailed picture of the current UHC landscape. Overall, this track aims to familiarize the participants with the complexities associated with the concept of UHC and help participants address the core principle of ‘health as a human right’ which drives the UHC movement forward.  

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