Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage

Universal Health Coverage and health equity have now been a central aspect of almost every Global-Health-related discourse from the moment that these concepts and the necessity of their formulation had emerged, encapsulating countless aspects of human life beyond health along the way. 

IFMSA has long been and continues to be a major advocate for Universal Health Coverage, and the involvement of IFMSA members in its achievement on both national and global levels is very apparent, with efforts taking place on both internal and external frontiers. Some examples include organizing the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Youth Forum in Dublin and the HRH Youth Call to Action, participating in the UHC Forum in Tokyo, launching the Hurghada Youth Call to Action on UHC after March Meeting 2018, and most recently the IFMSA World UHC Day Campaign.

The UHC program for this year’s PreWHA will be focusing on offering an all-around, in-depth look at the roots of these issues and aspects of them that are often overlooked, thus enabling participants to understand these concepts, contextualize them according to their own realities, and inspiring outcome-oriented actions.

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