Un sugus una sonrisa: A candy for a smile – Spain (IFMSA-Spain)

Name of the activity: Un sugus una sonrisa: A candy for a smile

Country/NMO: Spain (IFMSA-Spain)

Program: Children Health & Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Third Party Activities


General description:

According with Convention on the Rights of the Child, children have the right to engage in play and recreational activities. However financial difficulties that many families in Spain are struggling, separate children from toys and playing time.
As students involved in people’s problems further than biology and disease, we are committed to help in this issue.
This is the reason why every year around Christmas, we get into the streets for selling candies and collecting money. All the money is spent in toys which are donated to children at risk of poverty.
We truly believe that economic reasons should not steal a child’s smile opening gifts at Christmas time.

Focus area:

Children’s rights

Problem statement:

Spain is still living an financial crisis, which has put many people at risk of poverty or social exclusion. 3 million people are unemployed and 22% are at risk of poverty. The impact on kids is huge: according to the EU last report 31% children are at risk of social exclusion. As students committed with social problems, we want to support associations fighting kids’ poverty. Our project provides toys to guarantee that the recognized children RIGHT TO PLAY comes into an effect.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target Groups
Medical students: main target group, as local promoters for the fundraising and awareness campaign. They are main agents analyzing with local associations the situation of children in the area and setting guidelines of collaboration
NGO and associations: they are the connection between medical students and children
Children at risk of social exclusion: they are the main beneficiaries of the project and its reason. All the money collected is used for buying toys for them

Objectives and indicators of success:

1. Contribute to reduce children inequality regarding economic reasons in our country, focusing in their right to play
a. We carry out fundraising campaign in 10 Spanish cities promoted and organized by IFMSA-Spain Local Committees
b. We spend the money in toys and games for children
c. We collaborate with local associations to distribute the toys between children from families with low incomes
2. Raise awareness medical students and general population about the situation of poor children
a. We train volunteers in poverty topic and how to approach people during the fundraising campaign
b. We aware people during the campaigns. Every “sugus” sold comes with an explanation of the project reasons


Money is raised selling sugus (candy) for 1€. They are sold at different stands managed by volunteers along 3 o 4 days. The money is entirely destined for buying toys. Presents are given at Christmas, when it is a tradition to give presents in Spain, to make every child have the same opportunities to live this happy moment.
Stands are at faculties, hospitals or main streets to outreach different collectives: students, doctors, civil population…
Every local committee has a team in charge of the projects. It is responsible for getting institutional permissions (University, Hospital, and City Council). It also contact the association that will collaborate on the project and call for volunteers.

Plans for evaluation:

The project will be evaluated by a check-list with the indicators results. It will be taken into account the amount of money collected, the number of children helped, local committees involved and number of partner associations. This can be objectively evaluated and compared with previous years’ results.
This will allow us to check is the project is increasing its importance and having a bigger impact.
Will be also considered if media (newspapers, radio, television, or social media) talks about the project in different cities.

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