Trisomy 21 – Morocco (IFMSA-Morocco)

Name of the activity: Trisomy 21

Country/NMO: Morocco (IFMSA-Morocco)

Program: Children Health & Rights


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

We started preparing for WDSD a week before by collecting our needs (food, puzzles, games etc.) as well as preparing the activities for children. Every member agreed to bring something for Day-D, and on the WDSD we moved to El Amal center where we spent the whole day surrounded by beautiful children.
Activity 2 was to record a video. We contacted the Institute of cinema that wanted to help us shooting. So for the first part, we had a stand in order to interview people about Down Syndrom and what they know about it, the responses were recorded and showed a high level of ignorance among citizens about the Syndrom. We then moved to the interview pathologists and microbiologists in our medical center’s lab, answering the citizens’ questions and explaining more about the Syndrom, while the last part was a sequence shot while spending the day with those children on WDSD.

Focus area:

Children’s mental health, Children’s rights with emphasis on non-discrimination

Problem statement:

In a country where Down syndrom is unknown, people tend to avoid children that have it, that’s what gives us a huge number of marginalized citizens

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Children having Down Syndrom

Objectives and indicators of success:

Advocate and educate people about down syndrome, and how to treat children affected


The objectives were reached by dividing the idea into three activities:
– Interviewing people in the street
– Interviewing medical professors
– Celebrating WDSD with children with down syndrom

Plans for evaluation:

The activity was as evaluated based on the goals we set and whether we were able to realize them, the number of people educated and the number of children we reached

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