Training ECG – Lithuania (LiMSA)

Name of the activity: Training ECG

Country/NMO: Lithuania (LiMSA)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Type of the activity: Capacity Building


General description:

There is a need of practical ECG interpretation in Lithuania and LiMSA conduct a research, and creates a great opportunity for medical students in Lithuania to have ECG trainings with LiMSA alumni member/specialist in cardiology for practical skills and tips for real life situations in ECG. The information about trainings is designed and shared via NMO Facebook page, weekly newsletters. Feedback ensures the continuity of the event.

Focus area:

Clinical Examination, Diagnostic tests interpretation

Problem statement:

There is a lack of ECG interpretation and understanding in the Medical curriculum in Lithuania. Even though there are lectures by professors from Internal diseases departments, the students express a need for practical workshops with a skilled cardiology expert to review theory, go through real life clinical cases and learn tricks for ECG interpretation.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target group: >2nd year medical students in Lithuania. Beneficiaries: society (will benefit from better future healthcare specialists).

Objectives and indicators of success:

– To organise ECG trainings in LiMSA LCs: quick review of theory and practical workshops (indicator – Attendance 100 in each LC);
– To ensure that medical students are informed about the trainings and it will fit into their schedules (Facebook event reach 1500);
– To ensure continuous trainings (indicator – received feedback from the participants, keep in touch and make lecturers satisfied with training conditions).


– Survey for the need of ECG trainings;
– Selection of OC;
– Reviewing NMO alumni list for possible lecturers in the LCs;
– Contacting lecturers (next – after confirmed);
– Ordering Venues (next – after confirmed);
– Designing posters for FB events;
– Sharing the events for medical students in Lithuania;
– Prepare NMO gifts for lecturers;
– Collect feedback.

Plans for evaluation:

Counting the participants; Checking FB stats for the events; Collecting feedback in the end of the trainings; evaluating the need for the trainings after 1/2 year and after 1 year.

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