Touch of life – Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Name of the activity: Touch of life

Country/NMO: Slovenia (SloMSIC)

Program: Healthy Lifestyles & Non-Communicable Diseases


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Education


General description:

We do workshops which last for 45 minutes and are usually lead by two members of our group. Maximum number of participants in one workshop is 30.
The workshop consists of a short introductory lecture and a practical part, where participants are able to learn about the technique of breast self-examination using models of breasts and models of testis. We also organize public conferences regarding the topic of cancer. We want to empower the society by educating them on cancer prevention.

Focus area:


Problem statement:

We want to address cancer affecting sexual and reproductive organs in Slovenia.

• breast cancer – in 2013 the incidence rate was 118,5/100.000, mortality was 39,9/100.000

• testicular cancer- in 2013 incidence rate was90bnm 9/100.000, mortality 0,7/100.000

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The main target group are adolescents who can lower their risk for cancer by changing their lifestyle habits. Also men and women whose age is a risk factor for cancer development (aged between 50-70).

Objectives and indicators of success:

• Prepare educational material for program Free hands clean lungs
• two workshops of program Free hands clean lungs
• five workshos for adolescent audience about prevention of brest and testicular cancer (100 participants)
• five workshops for eldery audience about prevention of brest and testicular cancer (100 participants)
• two promotions one october and one in november
• Regulary post on Facebook (80 post)
• One post in other media


– contact high schools if they are interested in our workshops.
– contact different media centers if they are interested in publishing an article about our project
-Performing workshops
-Posting on Facebook
-Preparing educational material for program Free hands clean lungs

Plans for evaluation:

At the end of each workshop, we will hand out a closed type question questionnaire. Questions will relate to the content of the workshop and its implementation. Participants will provide their replies with a five-level Likert scale.

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