Together for humanity – MedSIN Sudan

Name of the activity: Together for humanity

Country/NMO: MedSIN Sudan

Program: Ethics and Human Rights in Health

Contact information: contact [email protected] to get in touch with the Activity Coordinator

Type of the activity: First-time Activity

Category: Campaign

Focus area: People with disabilities health and rights

Sustainable Development Goals addressed: SDG 4 (Quality Education), SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities), SDG 11 (Sustainable Cities and Communities), SDG 17 (Partnerships)

Problem statement:

In the previous 15 years, it was noted that disabled people are facing challenges everyday in Sudan, including access to health, support, education, as well as employment.The root of this problem arises from the huge lack of community awareness regarding human rights of disabeled people and their needs.

We planned to organize this activity as our big duty in raising awareness of the community about disabled people who are prohibited from their basic human rights and same standards of


Target groups:

  • General population
  • Youth
  • Secondary schools students 


  • General population
  • Medical students
  • Children
  • Youth
  • People with disabilities


To obtain by the end of the outreach activity at least from 40-50%of our targeted schools students or general population:

1- familiar with disability definitions and types.

2- aware of disabled people needs, human rights and ways to deal with them including communication language and behaving tips.

3- educated about the disabled people stigmatization, faced obstacles and unfair access to education, governmental representation jobs, and other opportunities

4- attentive to the vulnerability of disabled people to covid19 vaccination,the high risk they are at during this pandemic, and our role as community In supporting disabled people during covid 19.

5- equipped with tools and skills to advocate for people with disabilities rights with efforts to diminish their violations

-and to have at least from 20 to 30 individuals from our targeted groups who have a mental or physical disability: 

6- acquire sufficient knowledge about their disability, needed care and their rights.

Indicators of Success:

after the activity: 

1- 60% of targeted individuals can define disability and differentiate between its types 

2- 60% of targeted individuals can explain effective ways to deal with disabled people 

3- 60% of targeted individuals are educated about stigma and violations of disabled people 

4- 60% of targeted individuals are ready to take action in supporting disabled people during pandemics 

5- 60% of targeted individuals are equipped with tools and skills and ready to advocate for people with disabilities rights

6- 15 of disabled individuals can explain their disability, needed care and their rights.

7- 80% of out outreach members acted effectively with the targeted population


This activity has 2 major phases:

1/ Virtual Phase: 

Firstly A virtual campaign will include infographics and videos posted through the social media platforms in collaboration with several organizations. The aim of the online campaign is to reach all of the

socioeconomic classes. 

2/ Physical Phase:

1- Secondly our outreach members will attend capacity building sessions about people with disabilities and training about public speaking. The aim of it is to make our members ready to raise awareness of the targeted population.

2- we will target 2 general parks and 5 schools which are geographically distributed, taking into consideration the equitable distribution between female and male schools; where we will educate and raise the awareness our targeted population

Plans for evaluation:

Evaluation of the pre outreach online campaign: 

1/Pre and post evaluation forms after each day of the campaign

2/Feedback on trainers, performance of the members, their knowledge, skills and preparation state.

Evaluation of the in-person outreach:

1/School students who participated in the outreach will be given an anonymous paper evaluation form before and after the activity.

2/Simple random sampling for students after each day in order to have individual interviews.

3/Paper evaluation forms for families and individuals who participated after each day of the outreach.

Evaluation after the outreach:

1/Post evaluation forms from the Scientific and publication committee’s members, team of officials and the participants to know their overall

experience. Individual evaluation and reflection meetings will be conducted with them when needed

External collaborations:

1- We are seeking collaboration with WHO to support  this activity with resources, logistics and funds.

2- during the online campaign we will collaborate with Sudanese online pages for wider publication and promotion about the outreach 


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