Tobacco Speaking

Just so you know, you make It too easy,too easy for me to kill you

And don’t get it twisted I don’t give  pleasures, instead I enter chest walls to selfishly suck up all treasures 

I know you may be clueless that i am that serial killer that can’t be sued, that is why I don’t entirely blame you for your funny moves

Everyday you placed me between your lips , it’s like you are forcing me to dig deep ,be rude and intrude

Intrude and Invade your vital chambers containing your spongy vitals

I may actually pretend to ease your stress at first, but your latter end is sure to be a mess

You see, I still can’t understand why you keep choosing me over your health,while all I do is to drain you off your wealth

You say you can’t stop ,  you are addicted,but don’t you think I can’t help your worries I only get them more complicated ?

Look ! can’t you see am up to no good? You puff me in I affect yourself, you puff me out I affect your friends

Hey, wether you are active or passive on it am tired, I have been responsible for so much fatality so I’m warning you for the record,at least I tried

Tried to help you understand,understand that I’m bad,wicked and a destroyer of man

Through generations people try to refine and defined me by calling me sweet names , funnily it doesn’t move me it seriously doesn’t change my aims

Placing me ,in bright packets in other for you to perceive me as a tamed stranger, that poses no danger they want you to perceive me as a dog in a manger

Well,if you love your lungs avoid me

Because I’m it’s angel of death,to it am just mean

Don’t let your own blood be on your head,dont spend your life on a lung cancer bed

I am Tobacco,writting you this letter,please quit this smoking my addicted smoker


College Of Medicine and Allied Health Science

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