Medical Skills

Program Coordinator: Nishant Nagpal
Contact us: [email protected]

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Focus Areas

First Aid/BLS/CPR

  1. CPR Courses.
  2. Trauma Initial Evaluation.
  3. Airway Management workshop.
  4. Bandages practice

Surgical Skills

  1. General surgery symposium
  2. Microsurgery symposium
  3. Surgical stitches
  4. Surgical dressing and handwash.

History Taking

  1. Clinical History taking workshop.
  2. Paediatric History Taking
  3. Obstetric History Taking.

Diagnostic measures

  1. Glucose & Diabetes. 
  2. Renal function tests.
  3. Metabolic Syndrome criteria.

Clinical Examination

  1. Physical Examination.
  2. Neurological Basic Examination.
  3. Glasgow scale application.

Doctor-Patient communication skills

  1. Bad news preparation course.
  2. Breaking the silence (sign language)
  3. Native Languages focused on medicine.
  4. Vulnerable groups communication

Diagnostic tests interpretation

  1. EKG Workshop.
  2. Fetal Monitoring Reading workshop.
  3. Laboratory tests interpretation practice

Maternal and Child Health Clinical Skills

  1. Neonatal Reanimation Workshop.
  2. Infants Infectious diseases symposium.
  3. Leopold maneuvers practice.

Soft Skills for medical practitioners

  1. Stitches workshop.
  2. Phlebotomy courses.
  3. Educational Activities in this topic.

Research basics for medical practitioners

  1. Research Lab Guidelines.
  2. Statistics tests interpretation.
  3. Open Access libraries.
  4. Bibliography workshop

Program Proposal

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Activities for Teaching Medical Skills Program

Below you may find all the most recent activities that were recognized as part of the Teaching Medical Skills Program

If you are interested to join IFMSA Program with your activity and have it shown in the Database please visit the IFMSA Programs part of the website and/or contact the program team at [email protected]

NrProgramActivity NameCountry (NMO)
199Teaching Medical SkillsBarcelona Global Health Summer School 2017: Innovation, Access & HEalthCatalonia - Spain (AECS)
200Teaching Medical SkillsVideoconferences Pre CIRIS (Regional Interdisciplinary Research and Service Camp)Colombia (ASCEMCOL)
201Teaching Medical SkillsFirst Aid TrainingGhana (FGMSA)
202Teaching Medical SkillsEmergency Medicine Simulation SeminaryItaly (SISM)
203Teaching Medical SkillsProject C.H.A.M.P.Philippines (AMSA-Philippines)
204Teaching Medical SkillsA week of emergenciesMorocco (IFMSA-Morocco)
205Teaching Medical SkillsInteractive lecturesRussian Federation (HCCM)
206Teaching Medical SkillsLOUNGE TALKTaiwan, China (FMS)
207Teaching Medical SkillsThe Pregnancy ProjectThe Netherlands (IFMSA NL)
208Teaching Medical SkillsSkills and CultureRussian Federation (HCCM)
209Teaching Medical SkillsResearch WorkshopTurkey (TurkMSIC)
210Teaching Medical SkillsPharmaceutic and Therapeutic Clinical ApproachSerbia (IFMSA-Serbia)
211Teaching Medical SkillsDr HouseThe Netherlands (IFMSA NL)
212Teaching Medical SkillsMedTrainingsRepublic of Moldova (ASRM)
213Teaching Medical SkillsMedEsperaRepublic of Moldova (ASRM)
214Teaching Medical SkillsNational Medical Debating TournamentJordan (IFMSA-Jo)
215Teaching Medical SkillsFirst Aid on ExchangeSerbia (IFMSA-Serbia)
216Teaching Medical SkillsCPR: Save a lifeEcuador (AEMPPI)
217Teaching Medical SkillsMedical and Surgical Emergencies GuideFrance (ANEMF)
218Teaching Medical SkillsExperience a SpecialtyIraq - Kurdistan (IFMSA-Kurdistan)
240Teaching Medical SkillsMedical Education Days (MED)Romania (FASMR)
241Teaching Medical SkillsMedical Research education (MRe)Romania (FASMR)
242Teaching Medical SkillsBreaking the SilenceRomania (FASMR)
243Teaching Medical SkillsSurgical suturing on ExchangeSerbia (IFMSA-Serbia)
244Teaching Medical SkillsMy patients, their historiesEcuador (AEMPPI)
245Teaching Medical SkillsOpen your eyesEcuador (AEMPPI)
246Teaching Medical SkillsPalliative Care WorkshopRomania (FASMR)
389Teaching Medical SkillsProject 4 Life!Slovenia (SloMSIC)
390Teaching Medical SkillsClinical Practice and Medical SkillsBosnia and Herzegovina (BoHeMSA)
391Teaching Medical SkillsADAM Summerschool - Education Through Medical SimulationNetherlands (IFMSA-NL)
392Teaching Medical SkillsTraining ECGLithuania (LiMSA)
393Teaching Medical SkillsCourses of MicrosurgeryCzech Republic (IFMSA-CZ)
394Teaching Medical SkillsClinical Pillars in MedicineColombia (ASCEMCOL)
395Teaching Medical SkillsH.E.A.R.T. (Healthcare, Education and Research Talks)Romania (FASMR)
396Teaching Medical SkillsMedical Record: "Something More To Learn"Ecuador (AEMPPI-Ecuador)
397Teaching Medical SkillsMedical Scientific SessionsRomania (FASMR)
399Teaching Medical SkillsShouman Summer TrainingEgypt (IFMSA-Egypt)
400Teaching Medical SkillsCraiova International Medical Students? Conference ( CIMSC)Romania (FASMR)
401Teaching Medical SkillsEvidence Based MedicineEgypt (IFMSA-Egypt)
402Teaching Medical SkillsFirst Interuniversity Medical CongressEcuador (AEMPPI-Ecuador)
403Teaching Medical SkillsGuide me to serenityTunisia (Associa-Med)
404Teaching Medical SkillsPractical workshopsTunisia (Associa-Med)
405Teaching Medical SkillsMEDucate via ScienceBulgaria (AMSB)
406Teaching Medical SkillsSCOMEdipediaIndia (MSAI)
407Teaching Medical SkillsDiving Medicine Summer SchoolCroatia (CroMSIC)