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Why should I report my activity?

As you all folks know, every time you receive an e-mail that confirmates your enrolment, the Program Coordinator asks you to fill a report form. You may think, there is no need to do that, since you already got the benefits and used the IFMSA logos. HOWEVER, there is more importance in the report than you can imagine. Why is that?

When you create an activity, you dream about what results you expect, you imagine how many people may attend, and you make yourself an idea of the impact you may create in your society.

But what happens after the activity comes to life? Did you really get to all the people you wanted to? Were you able to create the impact you aimed?

Buckle up, and read this amazing experience,

Activity: “OPEN YOU EYES”   Activity Coordinator: María Paz Lasso  NMO: AEMPPI Ecuador. Contact information: [email protected]

Did the activity resulted as you expected?

The activity was beyond my expectations, at first I was hoping to capacitate medical students regarding gender based violence, so they learn to identify the cases, and how to make conscious about the topic to their future patients. The activity was made with make up on medical students who played a scene, but instead of only getting to the present public, many mass media were there, making interviews to post them for all the community to read.

This opened our eyes, to see there is more work left to do in this area.

Was there as many medical students participating as you planned?

In fact, there were less medical students than expected, due to many other activities in the same month, however, this didn´t affect our results.

Do you think, the impact created was the one you expected?

It was much bigger! As we can see with the publication of our project in all the newspapers from the cities where it took place. Also, for medical students was more than clear, since all of them took seriously their part during the campaign.

Also, during the capacitation, their eyes were opened, since most of the information was new, and they learned about the GBV types, forms, and the approach to handle them.

Do you think IFMSA should take in count the enrolment, or the report?

I think they definitely take the whole activity in count, the methodology used was completely different to other activities, the medical students acquire new skills and this really caused big impact. Also, I invite you all to replicate the activity on an International level, since the topic is trending nowadays.

Do you have any suggestion for the Activity Coordinators around the world?

I suggest you get more involved in the projects area, this way you can give more ideas to create activities, and you can help your NMO, and the NMOs in your region to have more quality.


Ximena Nunez, Program Coordinator on Teaching Medical Skills

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