Surgical suturing on Exchange – Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia)

Name of the activity: Surgical suturing on Exchange

Country/NMO: Serbia (IFMSA-Serbia)

Program: Teaching Medical Skills


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Capacity Building


General description:

Surgical suture course is planned to be hold 1 day (3-4 hours). In first 30-45 minutes, there is Power Point presentation, with animation videos showing different types of surgical sutures, teaching about surgical infections, scrubbing… After presentation, students on exchange, with the help of moderators of surgical suturing course, students will practice on models
basic and advanced methods of surgical suturing.

Focus area:

Surgical Skills

Problem statement:

Surgical suturing is one of basic surgical skills that should be presented to every medical student during his education. From smallest to biggest surgical interventions, whenever there is discontinuity of the skin, surgical suturing has been solution for ages and it is still widely used across world. That’s the reason why surgical suture should be a standard workshop on exchange.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target group are medical student on exchange.
Directly benefit will have medical students who will learn a practice maneuver of
surgical suturing. On that way we will get more skilled students. Also patient will get better scars what is the most important. On that way we can provide better healing of wound. This is especially important for students who prefer emergency departments, surgery, etc. Faculties will have a better prepared, more skilled student as well as mentors on exchange.

Objectives and indicators of success:

Objective is to teach students on exchange how to suture with demonstration and practice on models.
Specific: prepare medical student to get more practical surgical skill
Measurable: 60 medical students during 3 hours workshop in surgical suturing
Assignable: students will be taught by surgeons or medical students who passed the training
Realistic: 80% of students will learn about surgical instruments, transplantation
and practice maneuver of surgical suturing
Time-related: Results will be achieved after fully completed surgical suturing
Indicators of objectives: make a realistic injuries and evaluate how students
manage, number of participants, number of students


First, there is need to provide surgical suturing instructors who will teach students on exchange. Also, before workshop it’s needed to provide a hall where workshop will maintain. Agenda (45 minutes theory, 3 hours practice of surgical suturing) and plan of surgical suturing techniques (types of knots) students will learn is something should be prepared in advance as well.

Plans for evaluation:

Pre-evaluation will be done with a form among students that will show how
many students did already know surgical suturing and their level of experience,
questions about suturing, surgical infections, etc. Post evaluation will also be done after the course with the same questions form that we should make a comparison about knowledge that students got during the workshop.

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