Student’s Talk – Algeria (Le Souk)

Name of the activity: Student’s Talk

Country/NMO: Algeria (Le Souk)

Program: Medical Education Systems


Type of the activity: Education


General description:

Through a little survey done, we found out that ,student especially the first cycle students face major problem when comes the time to learn their courses and as consequences students are more stressed and disoriented, have poor time management skills which fatally lead to failure. The student’s talk was the perfect project to fight this through a two part conference: interactive presentation about memorization techniques to facilitate the learning process followed by some testimonies, from students who were on the verge of failing but were able to get back on their feet, as motivational speeches to inspire students and give them hope that will push them to be better version of themselves and succeed

Focus area:

Medical Students Empowerment

Problem statement:

Several studies proved that students suffer from stress and anxiety towards their exams and their chances of success or failure, medical students do not make an exception ! To all this is added the fear of the bad time management or memory lapses which ends by causing a huge imbalance between the supplied efforts and the quality of results; so we wanted to straighten this balance.
According to these facts and to a survey we run in our library (which included dozens of students from different levels) we came up to the following result: students prefer testimonials based on real stories of people who have experienced the failure and who have overcome it better using specific methods than an advice given by a teacher in an amphitheater. And thus, Student’s Talks was born.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Our main target here is the whole student body in general, but we focuses more on the 2nd year students seen as they are the one with the high rate of failure and are more in need of structured guidance .
The long run beneficiaries from this conference are the students themselves as they will be more motivated inspired and ready to tackle obstacles. The faculty also will benefit as there will be less failing students and the ratio of success would be higher

Objectives and indicators of success:

Our main goal is to guide and help students who are failing as consequence to bad memorization techniques, bad time management which leads to overstress andmemory lapse.
– Enrich the knowledge of the participants with new learning and memorization techniques to fasten the learning process, reduce the lost time and good time management.
– Reduce the atmosphere of stress which reigns over the education environment, and create an exchange platform in a none formal way
– Motivate, inspire and push students to give the best of themselves in order to succeed


Through a little survey done, we found out that, student especially the first cycle students face major problem with the learning process which leads them to failing their studies . so we tackled this problem and did some research on memorization techniques and came up with and interactive more impactful way to present them to the students. As for the testimonies we knew quite few people who went through near-failure experience but got back on their feet, we contacted them and encouraged them to speak and share their experience to empower, encourage and motivate the students.
And to have greater impact on students we launched our event through our face book page and shared it on students groups in order to reach as many as possible.
At the end of the event a Q&A was done where students felt more free to share their experiences and establish good connection between each others.

Plans for evaluation:

The objectives to be tackled by these conferences are more abstract and more difficult to evaluate and as the number of audience is high more difficult to get the input of everyone.
As conferences have bigger number of participants than workshops, evaluation was a little bit tricky on such a big number. During the conference we judged on the atmosphere around , the relaxed faces and the participation of the students in the different part planning
At the end we did a little feedback survey online and we asked the audition to fill it to measure up the impact of the student’s talk, if they learned some new and useful techniques, if they felt more motivated, if the conference allowed them to clear up future prospect and motivate them to not think about the failure but about new ways of success

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