Stop the Bleed – Kuwait (KuMSA)

Name of the activity: Stop the Bleed

Country/NMO: Kuwait (KuMSA)

Program: Emergency, Disaster Risk & Humanitarian Action


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

Stop the Bleed is a national campaign aimed at raising awareness and training the residents of the State of Kuwait on how to prevent bleeding out in the case of emergencies (mainly RTAs, which are quite common unfortunately.) We will begin with an intensive workshop and testing done by Dr. Salman Al-Sabah, and after making sure the student volunteers are ready, we will launch a massive campaign in the Avenues Mall. Our booth will be set up with large posters and an appreciable amount of media outlets. Our students will raise awareness in more than a two thousand residents in the span of 3 days, with the opportunity for the residents to implement their newly learned knowledge via practice and testing. We firmly believe we will see immediate results, especially after we launch a research study 3 months after our campaign, detailing our results, which aim to tackle preventable cases of over bleeding.

Focus area:

Disaster resilience (including prevention, preparedness and response)

Problem statement:

25% of the Kuwaiti population experiences an RTA annually (Kuwait is home to the most dangerous roads in the world). In most of these cases, the victims bleed out, and the bystanders are left helpless as they do not know how to assume the role of a first responder.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

The target population is the residents of Kuwait.

Objectives and indicators of success:

3 months after our national campaign, we will begin visiting doctors in the casualty departments and collect data on the number of patients who have been taken care of by a bystander. When we launch the campaign again next year, we will focus on raising that number, with our previous stats to compare to.


We will first set up a workshop held by the American and Canadian board certified General/Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Salman Al-Sabah. After thorough testing, our student volunteers will set up a large booth with posters in the largest mall in the Middle East, the Avenues. They will lure people in and teach them all that they need as well as allow them to practice the knowledge imparted to them. We will go for as many people as possible (estimated to be in the thousands)

Plans for evaluation:

Our evaluation will be in the form of an annual study started 3 months after the event in all of the casualty departments in governmental hospitals in Kuwait. Detailed in the previous page.

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