Stimulating the YFJ – Day 2 – IFMSA @ the YFJ’s GA

Hello IFMSA,


directly from the third day of the YFJ GA in Maribor Slovenia, we just wanted to let you know what has been going on in the European Youth Forum (YFJ)’s General Assembly in Maribor (European Youth Capital 2013), Slovenia.


In the second day of the GA, IFMSA submitted some amendment proposals for the Policy Papers. During the GA’s morning session we had discussions on Finances and a Plenary Session (which is something similar to our Theme Events and not like our Plenary) on Youth Work. In the afternoon, the Work Plan and budget for 2013-2014 was also adopted after changes, from which some were IFMSA’s:

–        Increasing the goal of the influence of the YFJ in policy from youth topics, to youth related topics – thus allowing the vision of a Forum that addresses topics that might not be youth exclusive, such as the ones concerning health for example.

–        Adding to the Board/Secretariat a role of a stimulator of the YFJ’s working structures – thus envisioning a Forum that provokes action and discussions in the structures that exist.

–        We do feel sorry for the fact that we were not able to convince the Forum about the importance of user friendly resources and/or manuals since these might be crucial to the sustainable sharing of information about funding programs and others. Since this was pointed by the board as something that would fit an implementation plan and not a Working Plan, we will work actively to see this in such document.

After this, Agostinho participated in a Thematic Square (a sort of an IFMSA SWG time) on “What do we gain from Volunteering and NFE”? At that time and the rest of the night, we talked with many of the candidates in order to get a clear picture of their ideas for the Forum and we also used the opportunity to present a bit better IFMSA and its fields of work, since many only see IFMSA as an organisation that works very focused on more narrow health topics.


And that was it for day two of the YFJ’s GA. More to come soon 🙂


All the best from Maribor


The IFMSA delegation for the YFJ’s GA

Miguel Cabral – RC Europe,

Silva Rukavina – IFMSA PPRC member and YFJ’s NFE SWG member

Agostinho Sousa – LOMEi

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