Still Waiting – Ecuador (AEMPPI)

Name of the activity: Still Waiting

Country/NMO: Ecuador (AEMPPI)

Program: Ethics & Human Rights in Health


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Campaign


General description:

This project will be performed as a campaign to be held in December. Its general subject is the involuntary disappearance of people in whom Human Rights are violated and its main objective will be to raise awareness in medical students about the long-term consequences of the problem and its impact on families including alterations of their mental health.
First, a documentary will be screened and a round table will be held to learn about the different points of view of the participants. Second, a symposium will be held, whose main theme will be the alteration in the mental health of affected families.

Focus area:

Medical Ethics (Patient Centered Care, Good Medical Practice, direct doctor-patient relationship)

Problem statement:

Throughout Ecuador´s history, multiple terrible facts have taken place in which the major mishap of people was one of the main mechanisms used to generate fear on population and gain “respect”.
Moreover, in American countries this problem is part of their history, this stories have been transmitted from one generation to the next in order to preserve the memory of the loved ones who disappeared without leaving any trace.
Despite the efforts of the authorities to revert this situation, there are many reasons behind the disappeared people including human trafficking, abductions or kidnappings, reckoning and unfortunately many of them are product of the same government (police, military).
As an evidence, here is a list of web links with public articles about this uncomfortable true in different Latin American countries:

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target group: Medical students (all levels)
Beneficiaries: Ecuadorian population, family and friends of people who have disappeared

Objectives and indicators of success:

General objective
• Create awareness in 50 medical students about the long-term consequences about the forced disappearance of people that affects families´ mental health.
o Indicator: Minimum number of 50 participants.
Specific objectives
• Analyze the main problem through the projection of a documentary that represents the situation of the country.
o Indicator: Round table following the projection of the documentary
• Determine the families of disappeared persons´ problems must face and their psychological consequences
Indicator: Google forms with questions about the main topic, previously approved by professionals in the subject
• Discover the role of the doctor in front of a patient with depression: general profile and follow-up.
o Indicator: Google forms with questions about trh main topic, previously approved by professionals in the subject


The first part consists of the projection of a film, documentary or interview that reflects the dilemma in the country. In this case, Ecuador, the documentary “Con mi corazón en Yambo” will be screened in relation to the Restrepo Brothers’ case. After the projection, a round of questions will be opened to learn the point of view of the students about this topic.
The second part consists of a symposium about mental health dictated by professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists who master the issue of psychological problems considering the general topic of the campaign. Every participant will give $2, the collection of money will start 2 weeks in advance. This money will be for the coffee break and the documentary.

Plans for evaluation:

• Recollect enough money to cover projection expenses and food for participants.
• Verify the amount of participants (50 minimmum)
• Send a formulary (Google Forms) to the assistans with questions about the subject reviewed in the sympossium

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