You may find on this page several statements made on behalf of medical students worldwide in the most recent high-level meetings where the Federation was represented.

WOrld health organization, executive board meeting 2018

UN High-Level Political Forum 2017

World Health Assembly 2017

Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction 2017


World Health Assembly 2016

WHO Regional Committee Sessions of 2016

EURO (Europe)

SEARO (South East Asia)

World Health Organization 138th Executive Board Meeting


Policy Briefs for Parties at UNFCCC COP21


WHO Regional Committee Sessions of 2015

AFRO (Africa)

EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean Region)

EURO (Europe)

WPRO (Western Pacific)

World Health Assembly 2015

WHO Regional Committee Sessions of 2014

AFRO (Africa)

EMRO (Eastern Mediterranean)

EURO (Europe)

PAHO (Americas)

WPRO (Western Pacific)