SRT Iraq 2018

Sometimes we are too young to realize that certain things are impossible so we do them anyway.

In 2016 as the capacity building director assistant, I asked the director, Why don’t we host a sub-regional training In our beloved country, and is that possible?
Two years ago it was a dream for us to do so because of the country’s issues, concerns were raised with regards to people and if they’re willing to come? And a big fear around that.
We needed a team.. but more than a team.. A family to stick together on facing these issues.
And that was our amazing organizing committee and trainers.
In the period from August 27th to August 31st 2018, at Mesopotamia in the city of science and culture, the city of ancient civilizations, Baghdad six trainers and 46 trainees had the time of their life living up this experience at its best.
For us, this was not a simple training to deliver, but more of a seed we’re planting with love, kindness, and hope for a brighter opportunity to come in the near future where our country Mesopotamia would be hosting larger events such as the regional meeting or the general assembly of IFMSA, and it’s certainly something we look forward to with pleasure & great dedication.
The whole story started as a small idea among us and here we are now !! Translating the dream to reality.
For more information regarding the event, you can check out our facebook page:
Hugs from Mesopotamia ❤

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