#SketchItOut – India (MSAI)

Name of the activity: #SketchItOut

Country/NMO: India (MSAI)

Program: Mental Health


Contact information: [email protected]

Type of the activity: Direct Engagement for Health Improvement of Target Population


General description:

Depression is the leading cause of ill-health and disability in the world, affecting over 300 million people. (WHO)
However, depression can be tackled at its roots when people are encouraged to express themselves in some form of the other. While it might be difficult to do so in words (stories/poems), it is relatively easy to just scribble and doodle out emotions onto paper. Hence, the idea for the campaign: “if there is something you wish to express, just #SketchItOut!”

Focus area:

Mental Health among the general population

Problem statement:

The campaign “Depression: Let’s Talk!” for WHD2017 asked people to express themselves, and let their frustration out. However, it is not always possible to depict feelings in words or speech. But virtually, anyone can scribble it out on paper as either an aesthetic sketch or a random doodle.

Target groups and beneficiaries:

Target Group:
In general, all individuals studying/working in an institution/workplace, starting with medical and other college students.

Objectives and indicators of success:

To inform viewers of the concept of the “#SketchItOut” activity, and encourage them to participate

Success Indicator:
Viewer submissions/entries


A well-constructed and meticulously designed social media campaign to attract participants.

Plans for evaluation:

1) Number of User Submissions
2) Feedback from the Participants
3) Social media analytics
4) General feedback about the activity

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