SECSE 2014: What an Experience!

The 2nd edition of the Southern European Cooperation on Sexual Education (SECSE) conference took place in Catalonia on September 4th-7th and was hosted by AECS-Catalonia near Barcelona (Spain). The conference allowed participants to discuss sexual health education across their national member organizations (NMOs) and to share methods whilst learning from each other. The theme of this 2nd edition was Transsexuality and Transgender Identity.

The 12 participant NMOs are Greece, Italy, Croatia, France, Malta, Spain, Catalonia, Portugal, Turkey, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Serbia. And as last year, some externals also were present, coming from Switzerland, UK, The Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Egypt and Lebanon. 

Below, a few words from the participants on their experience:

The Pre-SECSE took place from the 31st of August to the 3rd of September, it was divided into two workshops: an IPET and an Advanced IPET on Sexuality. Throughout these days we got to learn everything about Peer Education, we developed our soft skills and we improved our knowledge in many areas related to sexual health and sexuality.

The first day of the SECSE started with the welcome session for all the participants in Barcelona and a tour around the old town. Later on, we went to the venue and had an awesome welcome party AECS style, which obviously involved a lot of fun and team building. The Method Exchange sessions started on Friday, approaching topics like negotiation during sex and basic sexual education among many others. Furthermore, we had the first Theme Event session, a round table about gender identity where three amazing externals exposed their view on the topic.

On Saturday, the remaining SECSE countries facilitated their Method Exchange sessions, addressing more specific topics like HIV testing  its social implications and gender based violence. In the afternoon, a plastic surgeon gave us a conference on sex reassignment surgeries and we also had a session on how to create new Peer Education methods. Sadly,  SECSE came to an end,  after getting plenty of feedback from the participants we had to say goodbye and put an end to one of the most awesome experiences (if not the most) AECS-Catalonia has ever experienced.

We thank AECS-Catalonia for hosting the event! You can find pictures from the event on our Facebook page right here.


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