Second day in Bonn. Getting into work

Everything seems a little bit organized as the second day begins. We know where to go, who to contact or who has to be trapped down. Still many other opportunities to share information with delegates from countries or other non-governmental groups come up.

We work a lot together with the YOUNGOs. Here we found a good platform to get support or information. On top of that we started networking with those related to gender issues. We see many similarities with their objectives and hope that we can build up this first contact.

As I mentioned already we splitted up and now some information are following about what is going on in the different sessions, we attended:

Major session today was the AWG-KP which is aiming to form the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol. Statements are made by the different intergovernmental groups.

The other big session was the AWG-LCA.

Also the second informal meeting on article 6 took place today. Main debate today was about the question, whether a permanent program should be introduced or whether it should always just for a time period of five years. Since we wanted a permanent program we were happy that such a big discussion started about this point. Considering that just two more meetings are left we are now focusing on mechanism how to implement article 6. Hopefully by talking to delegates from USA, EU and Dominican Republic we can influence the process and introduce our points.

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